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Pets Best was founded in 2005 by a Veterinarian who wanted people to have financial assistance when their pet is sick or hurt. Choosing an insurance plan to cover your pets no matter their age can help you pay for veterinary care that results from illnesses, accidents, or injuries, and Pet’s Best tries to do that by offering plans with annual deductibles between $50 and $1,000, and a reimbursement percentage of 70, 80 or 90%.

Quick reimbursement (within 3-5 days) and directly paid into your bank account is something they offer as well. Pet’s Best offers a wide variety of coverage choices, plus two optional routine care plans, so pet parents can select a plan that is perfect for them and their budget.

Don’t wait, look at their plans, get a quote and protect your pet now.

PetsBest Reviews

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews


Amber Grant

August 10, 2017
I can’t complain about my experience with this insurance company up until recently! Everything was smooth and easy up until a couple of weeks ago. I submitted a claim, and a couple of days later, they informed me there were some problems in processing my request, and that Pets Best would try to solve my issue in less than five days as they had a multitude of claims pending. Of course, I waited and waited and eventually contacted their customer service. The person I talked to said my claim was marked for additional reviews, and the solution would be forwarded to me in up to 40 days!! I was quite shocked by this answer. And I called again after some time and only managed to get lame answers that forwarded misleading information towards me. They even suggested that only cancer conditions have priority, and the rest of the claims needed to undergo a pre-processing timeframe of up to 40 days!! They said they would finish this pre-process by the end of the month. But I am quite troubled. If this is the pre-processing period, how long will it take for the actual review to be completed? I am utterly disappointed by Pets Best! What started as a fantastic experience ended in something dreadful!
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Jane Osborne

July 20, 2017
Pets Best just saved my little Jam from death! This company covered all treatment we had to go through. Biggest possible thanks from all my family for such great professionalism and simple human understanding and support!
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Timothy Black

June 16, 2017
Almost everything is fine except claims reimbursement, which needs to be carefully checked and boosted to become faster.
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Moris Hampton

June 1, 2017
My first claim experience was far from perfect, because it took a little bit long to be processed. But anyway, I’m happy to work with this company – everything is clear, simple and professional.
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Irma O’Neal

February 11, 2017
Loyal, responsible, honest. Professional customer support always finds the correct words and provides you with helpful info. All claims are taken in mind, so you can be sure to receive your payment, as well as good suggestions. The only thing making me a little bit confused - the time of claims processing. It needs to be faster; but, anyway, I see these guys are doing their best.
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December 23, 2016
Till now I got no real help, and all my claims were denied. As they said – my claims were far from reality. But how they can sum it up without overviewing the cases deeply… Nonsense!
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Benjamin Greer

November 14, 2016
User friendly claims system and the possibility to deposit benefits on your personal page
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Edgar Miller

August 11, 2016
The most disgusting experience I've ever had. It took more than a month to reimburse my expenses, although they could do it much faster as all papers they needed were provided on time. To receive my claim payments, I was forced to call them more than 5 times, and each time my call had the same answer, "we'll call you back, when things are clarified." And of course, there were no callbacks!! Please, don’t make the same mistake. Just find a really honest company.
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Blake Floyd

July 31, 2016
If you care about your pet as much as I do with my beloved dog, Guff, then choosing Pets Best as your insurance company is the greatest gift you can make for your four-legged family member. My dog is my friend and he really helps me in my job, so paying for his safety is my number one priority to be sure everything will be OK even if something happened to him. Thanks God we haven’t faced any serious problems, but even when he damaged his shoulder, Pets Best totally covered all my bills for his treatment. So glad to be working with you.
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Bruce Manning

July 10, 2016
Soon after I got a dog from a shelter, I bought Pets Best insurance. It was me wanting to be sure that my new pet would have all the best in the event of an unfortunate situation. My rescued jewel is healthy and full of joy. I went for a routine checkup at the vet’s office, and the doctor found an unusual growth around his neck. When I first got the insurance policy, there was no concern related to this lump in his throat. We didn’t even feel it there. But here we were, after the deadline for forwarding claims for health issues passed, and the lump started bleeding. So, I made a wise decision to get surgery on my dog. The vet took the biopsy to be pathologically analyzed. And, thankfully, the results were ok. My dog did not have cancer! But I requested an evaluation for cost reimbursements for surgery and test results. And Pets Best rejected my request because, and I quote, “the dog was not already sick.” He was “supposedly sick!” This is me, who paid months’ insurance, as well as vet bills. With these extra costs, I proceeded to cancel my insurance at Pets Best. It wasn’t a pleasant insurance experience…at all!
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Berenice Howard

June 12, 2016
I have only positive experiences, but I’m a little bit confused about why they still have difficulties with claims processing.
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Pamela Logan

June 12, 2016
Pets Best insurance has been a real savior when my cat is feeling bad, as I’m always receiving great participation and necessary financial help!
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Hollie Richardson

May 19, 2016
We firstly joined Pets Best pet insurance back in 2010, and we’ve paid more than $200 per month starting in 2018. And when our pet was diagnosed with cancer, we discovered there is a limit with each problem in regards to the benefit received. For anyone reading this, I am genuinely sorry I didn’t take the time to read this company’s reviews before I purchased their services. As several customers have said, there is an unfair and unprecedented per-incident claim limit when compared to similar services. And I am so upset that I encouraged my mom, too, to join Pets Best. She trusted my suggestion and was quite shocked when I phoned and informed her that there exists a limit per-incident benefit claim included in our policy. Happily, she moved to a competitor’s business that offered her unlimited per-incident plans, along with a notably lower cost per year. I genuinely hope this review will open the eyes of those who are considering choosing Pets Best. For me, it was an error in judgment that eventually hurt my beloved pet.
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Emory Evans

April 18, 2016
Pets Best made me believe that professional service caring about your pet really exists. You will definitely get a high level of loyalty, timely payments, professional support and even more from this great company. Don’t hesitate to become their client!
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Oliver Lynch

February 7, 2016
Quick claim processing. Happy to be Pets Best company client
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