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TOP 3 Pet Insurance Companies in CT

Insurer Rate Price Direct Pay Vet Exam Fee Reimbursement Percentage Deductible Annual Policy Limits
4.1/5 70 reviews

from $17.68 per month

90% of vet bill $100 Unlimited Get Quotes HealthyPaws Reviews
4.1/5 69 reviews

from $16 per month

90% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes Pets Best Reviews
4.1/5 19 reviews

from $15 per month

80% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes PetFirst Reviews

Is Pet Insurance in CT Worth It?

My cat is allergic to almost everything, while her health is quite fragile. So, we had multiple trips to the vet’s office in Danbury for allergy and infection tests. Pets Best received all our claims and invoices and responded quite fast. They are the most professional insurance company we’ve ever used, which is why we recommended it to all our close friends and relatives!

Total Vet Cost Companies Pays
Oliver $1000

from $900

Сost of pet insurance in Connecticut

How much you pay for canine insurance will be based on a number of factors tied to your specific dog. There will be a list offered:




Cost of veterinary
care where you live

Connecticut is well-known as a state where people can relax with their pets because its are some of the best regions to go for a vacation. As your pet is both your best friend and a family member, you should consider having all the means necessary to tend to their needs. We are here to help you with the top pet insurance plans in Connecticut, which will give you access to a wide range of veterinary services. No matter what type of pet you have, you will find helpful comparisons of the best pet insurance companies.

Here is how you get prepared for unexpected situations even if you go on an average trip with your pet. Choosing an affordable and professional medical plan will ensure you will be able to cover a broad range of vet services, such as visits to the emergency clinic, health problems, cancer treatments or anything else that implies premium costs. Your pet will be covered at all times with top policies designed especially for its breed.

For almost all pet owners, a veterinary emergency implies a significant financial crisis. It is normal to have issues covering all those costs. This is why we offer you the means necessary to find the top insurance company in Connecticut to tend to your pet’s needs and avoid financial problems.

With professional services and well-thought policy plans for this city, you can analyse and compare a long list of companies. Top health plans come with individual rates so that you can choose the best solution for your situation.

Pet insurance services are the best solution for tending to your pet’s needs for normal prices. A top medical plan offers coverage for all your veterinary costs, allowing you access to the best care for your pet. With broad coverage, almost any issue is covered, except, of course, pre-existing conditions.

Sample Price. Dogs and Cats Insurance in Connecticut


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $20
3-4 from $22
4-5 from $25
5-6 from $29
6-7 from $37
8-9 from $48
9-10 from $58
>10 from $109


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $14
3-4 from $16
4-5 from $18
5-6 from $21
6-7 from $27
8-9 from $30
9-10 from $38
>10 from $88

Where to buy pet insurance in CT

We rate over 20 top pet insurance companies to find the policy that fits you best

PetInsuranceFinder Reviews

Max from Hartford

For all dog owners, their dog is a part of the family. That’s why I browsed through lots of pet insurance in Hartford, CT before settling on this one. I especially appreciate that they cover so many accidents and injuries because I enjoy running with my dog every morning and I feel safe knowing that he is covered.

Alyssa from Danbury

When I first moved to Connecticut, Danbury, I did not know what pet insurance to pick for my Harvey – a 2-year old German shepherd. My first two choices were Healthy Paws and ASPCA. I was a bit short on money back then, so I chose the cheaper yearly plan from ASPCA. It worked great when Harvey had to undergo surgery for a broken rib. I am pleased with it.

Corinne from New Haven

I was a first-time shopper for pet health insurance from PetInsuranceFinder in Connecticut and these guys had great customer service. While they were very knowledgeable, I felt that they were looking to sell me a policy that really did not fit my situation. But overall, they had a wide option of quotes and packages available to choose from and I was able to find something that best suited me.

We are dedicated to distributing reviews that are based on a person's experience and opinions of their insurance company. It's not uncommon for reviews to be "reviewed" to ensure there is no offensive material. However, no review is a representation of our company and employees.


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