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Pet insurance / Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

Petplan policies can cover most accidents, injuries and illnesses your pet might suffer, even dental disease, prescription medication, and cancer treatment.

There is an annual deductible after which claims are paid, with a reimbursement percentage (or co-pay), or you can elect a per condition deductible in order to keep your premium lower. As with most pet insurance plans, routine care is not covered, but Petplan does cover holistic and alternative therapies which other companies may not. For your convenience, plan options include monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

Even your older pets (age 10 or older) can be insured, so go to the website today and get a free quote.


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Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews


Carol M.Henry

November 4, 2019
I am satisfied with the service offered by Pet Plan. I am stress-free, as I know I am prepared for all sorts of unexpected situations. My pet is happy and healthy, while I can enjoy the time spent with him, without worrying about financial distress.
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Carol W.D.

November 4, 2019
My veterinarian made a terrible mistake and misdiagnosed my dog with Pyometra. Thus, the recommendation from him was an emergency spay. I wasn’t sure this was the correct interpretation of my dog’s symptoms, which is why I took him to another vet. The new diagnosis was Split Cycle, meaning my dog wasn’t ill. To my utter annoyance, this wasn’t the diagnosis either. In the end, I discovered that my dog had Pancreatitis. Pet Plan was there to aid me with this problem, and they covered almost all costs. And I can tell you with confidence that I felt lucky to have coverage from this insurance company. It offered me a lot in terms of peace of mind.
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John Wechsler

November 1, 2019
PetPlan is a professional pet insurance provider that allows me to take proper care of my cat. Each time I talk with someone from customer service, I stumble upon a friendly and caring representative. I have been with this company for some time now, and I’ve never been disappointed.
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October 30, 2019
I am sad I can’t give this provider less than a 1-star rating. This fraudulent company focuses on its revenues and on finding ways to make you pay outrageous fees for coverage they don’t offer. You can see on their website a nice ad that promises wonders for your pet. They even say the entire process is user-friendly and rather simple. They even reassure you that you will get up to 70% in terms of reimbursement. But if you take the time to carefully read their policy, you will discover there is no actual assurance or peace of mind, as several potential claims are not included in their coverage. Take my example, for instance. My 5-year old healthy cat was insured with a deductible of an astonishing $500. They rejected my request for coverage for her dental issues, as I detail below. ‘As we’ve seen in the medical records submitted with the claim, the pet didn’t undergo an annual vet check-up. As a consequence, the exam based on which the dental condition was determined will be excluded from coverage. As said in the veterinary note we’ve received, the pet’s dental problems, i.e. dental disease, are not a subject of reimbursement. Please read the Policy’s Terms and Conditions as seen below: General Exclusions This policy does not cover: Any expenses if other General Conditions outlined in Section VII, or conditions applicable to you and outlined in Section VIII, have not been met. CARE FOR YOUR PET In consideration of the premium charged, it is hereby understood and agreed that, as a condition of this insurance, you must take care of your pet and arrange and pay for your pet to have the following: 1. An annual health check. 2. An annual dental exam. 3. Any treatment normally suggested by a veterinarian to prevent illness or injury. If your pet has not been examined by a veterinarian within the twelve (12) months prior to the effective date of the policy (thirty (30) days for pets age six (6) years or older) you must arrange to have your pet examined at your own expense within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this policy. Any medical condition(s) or clinical sign(s) observed or recorded at the first exam, and all costs associated therewith, are automatically excluded from coverage. Additionally, any conditions that are related to, caused by, or resulting from medical condition(s) or clinical sign(s) observed or recorded at the first exam performed after the effective date of the policy are also excluded from coverage. This section applies to both new policies and continuous policy years where your pet has not received the care described in Section VII.6.a. For the avoidance of doubt; if your pet does not receive its annual health check during a period of continuous coverage, the next examination will be used as the basis for determining any conditions which will be excluded from coverage.’ Please understand that all decisions are made with compassion, but in order to safeguard all policyholders, Petplan is required to apply the Terms and Conditions equally to all.
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Diana Owens

October 15, 2019
I think the best decision I ever made regarding my cat was purchasing an insurance plan with this provider. When she needed emergency surgery, I wasn’t stressed about financial problems. I simply submitted a claim and got reimbursed in a matter of days.
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September 20, 2019
Each time I had a request with Pet Plan, I got the feeling that someone cared about my pet’s wellbeing. The process is simple, while their staff is more than friendly. They offered all that is mentioned in my policy. So, I can say for sure that buying an insurance policy with them was the best thing I ever did for my pet.
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Victoria Klinger

September 2, 2019
I had my cat insured with Pet Plan for quite some time before she got sick. Still, this company was there for me and helped me through our darkest times. Sadly, my cat died, but thanks to Pet Plan, I got a little extra time with her. Thank you so much!
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Curtis Copas

August 26, 2019
I talked with a knowledgeable representative and shared my concerns about a claim problem. He was extremely helpful and aided me to speed up the process with my vet. I still have a couple of requests open with them, but I am confident I will receive the same exceptional support.
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August 7, 2019
I wasn’t sure at first I needed insurance for my pet, but as soon as he started to have sudden allergic reactions to almost everything, I discovered it was the best thing I ever did!! Allergy treatment for pets is quite expensive, and Pet Plan was there to help me with this financial burden. It is a professional pet insurance company, and I recommend it from all my heart!
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Thompson D.

August 4, 2019
My cat was diagnosed with neurological problems, which you might guess was a stressful time in my life. Costs piled up, while the necessity of expensive investigations couldn’t be ignored. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when Pet Plan accepted almost all my requests and reimbursed the costs as mentioned in my policy. I am so grateful for their support!
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August 2, 2019
I reached customer service, as I had some questions about the claim request process. So, a friendly representative took my call and guided me through the steps I needed to take. Overall, there is not one negative thing I could say about Pet Plan. They reimbursed each time as mentioned in my insurance policy. I don’t know what my life would be like without this policy!
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July 26, 2019
When my dog was diagnosed with ACL, I felt hopeless. I started to sum up the costs and felt a little despair, as I would’ve most certainly gone through financial distress to cover it all. But to my surprise, Pet Plan was there for me. I reached customer service and explained my situation. The representative explained that there was a possibility of getting coverage, and in the end, they met my expectations and covered a substantial sum of the costs. Everything took less than 14 days, while every detail of my policy was respected and fulfilled. Thank you for your support, guys!
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Steven Harrel

July 15, 2019
I am pleased with the service at Pet Plan. Still, I felt like it was a little bit of a hassle to reach someone and get an accurate response for my request. In the end, everything was solved, and I got the best rep to guide me through the process. I recommend Pet Plan to anyone that seeks the best insurance coverage.
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Kathy McPhail

July 10, 2019
At Pet Plan, the customer service team is always helpful. The rep I talked to about my latest claim did everything humanly possible to explain the process and answer all my concerns.
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Chris Egar

July 2, 2019
Pet Plan’s customer service is top-notch!! Each time I reached out for information, I got a knowledgeable person on the line who listened and offered accurate information related to my issue. I definitely recommend this service!
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June 21, 2019
I needed an invoice for my pet’s premium package to submit it to a club we’re a part of. The representative I spoke to was friendly, and he never mentioned that this was not his concern. He simply asked their accounting department about the invoice and guided me through the process of getting a small refund of the premiums I have for my pet from my club. I am grateful I chose such a professional team, and, of course, that they have such a professional customer service team! Good job, Pet Plan!
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Simon Walters

June 10, 2019
Pet Plan is the best insurance provider I ever had! Their representatives are awesome!
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Stella Siggins

June 1, 2019
The rep I had for my claim process was able to address all my questions. He was attentive and offered me all the support I needed. Thanks!
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S. Bernard

May 3, 2019
So, this is the ghastliest experience I have ever had. I tried several times to cancel my membership, and each rep I talked to offered a different answer. I am not pleased at all about how this was handled. I will most likely make an official complaint about this business and share my negative experience on social media. No one deserves to be treated like this. So, my advice is to stay away from this disappointing insurance company!!
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Lean Davis

April 29, 2019
I had this plan for around 12 months, and I felt like I was covered in case of emergencies. To my complete disbelief, I recently discovered I had no reason to feel at peace and covered, as this unprofessional company didn’t help me with my pet’s health issues. For 12 months, my cat was healthy and had no veterinary emergencies. A few weeks back, she developed some sort of allergy, which, of course, required some tests and investigations to discover the best treatment for her situation. My claim for coverage never got processed (to clarify, I never reached the approval stage). Therefore, I feel like I paid for this coverage for nothing, as the vet costs were paid from my pocket. I thank God my сat wasn’t in a serious situation, as Pet Plan is a scam that only took my money, and never cared for my pet. A serious pet insurance company informs its customers about all the ups and downs of their plans. Stay away from this scam company!!
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When choosing a pet health insurance provider, it is vital to find a plan that works best for the pet owner and one that will serve the insured pet well throughout his or her life. Pet insurance providers have been in existence for the past 30 years, but just recently, several key players have risen to the top and come to the forefront. Petplan is one such pet insurance provider.

Petplan Pet Insurance-North America is a Pennsylvania-based company first established in 2003 by Chris and Natasha Ashton. The US location is a sister company of Petplan UK and also has established locations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. The idea for Petplan was conceived as a result of an incident with the Ashton’s cat, Bodey, who became quite ill after the family’s move to the US for graduate school. The illness resulted in a $5,000 veterinary bill. The Ashton’s came up with a plan for a pet insurance company – then named PAWS – to ensure fellow pet owners would not have to endure the same financial challenge when it came to vet bills for their beloved pets.

Today, the company employs over 200 pet lovers and insures thousands of pets. The corporate headquarters houses an indoor dog park with a multi-level slide, a foster cat room designed to help cats find their forever homes, and the company’s walls are filled with photos of clients’ pets, who are considered “family.”

Petplan Coverage

Petplan has one comprehensive insurance plan available with coverage options from $2,500 to an unlimited amount. Petplan offers its furry clients insurance coverage for life and there is never any enrollment fee to apply for a policy. Their insurance plan offers 90% coverage and reimbursement of veterinary bills. As with most pet insurance companies, Petplan does not cover routine visits, preventative visits, elective procedures and pre-existing conditions. However the company does offer dental coverage, coverage for holistic care, as well as coverage for chronic and hereditary conditions.

Coverage is specifically for cats and dogs and offers “Tooth-to-tail” protection for animals from six weeks old to well into the senior years and beyond. Primarily available to cats and dogs, the policy covers such expenses as:

  • Diagnostic treatments
  • Prescription medications (pre-existing condition prescriptions excluded)
  • Imaging (MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound)
  • Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Referral and specialist treatment

All About Claims

With the concern for their pet’s health well-taken care of, a pet owner can then turn their attention to the next concern:  filing the insurance claim.

Petplan requires that veterinary invoices be paid in full prior to filing a claim. Through the claim process, the client will then be reimbursed for up to 90% of the initial out-of-pocket cost. Claim adjusters on staff are fully-trained veterinary technicians, and can speak and understand the vet’s language. This knowledge affords them the ability to process claims swiftly and accurately so pet owners can receive the fullest reimbursement amount possible.

For those who would like the peace of mind of knowing they will be reimbursed, Petplan also offers pre-authorization on veterinary expenses. Clients can obtain the pre-authorization form online and need to obtain their veterinarian’s signature along with documentation on required treatment and treatment costs.

Clients can submit claims either by phone, online, or through the Petplan Claims app. The app, available for iOS and Android devices, provides the opportunity for pet owners to file their claims quickly and paper-free. In addition to the claim form, pet owners need only submit photos of the paid-in-full invoice and their pet’s medical records. Once the required documentation is submitted, clients can then follow the progress of their claim through the portal. Most claims are settled and monies are reimbursed in about 5 to 14 days of initial claim submission. There is never any dropped coverage or increased rates just for filing “too many claims.”

Philanthropy and Awards

Petplan partners with many different philanthropic organizations including the North Shore American Animal League, PAWS Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society and Pets for Patriots, to name a few. It also offers discounts on their policies for registered medical services pets, veterans and serving military members.

In addition, Petplan also organizes a charitable fund designed to promote the health and welfare of the nation’s animals and awards funding to a host of well-deserved causes for everything from non-invasive research on life-saving treatments to donations for rehoming charities.

Petplan has been the honored recipient of many awards and recognitions. In 2013 they were recognized as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the Greater Philadelphia Retail & Consumer Products Category. They made Future 40’s Smart CEO’s listing and they were a three-time winner for Excellence in Marketing & Communications from The Communicator Awards. Their publication, Fetch! was honored with a Stevie Award for Best In-House Publication from The American Business Awards.

Petplan’s customer care staff is available 24/7 to address pet owner needs and questions. Pet owners can get a free quote on their expected deductible and monthly payment through Petplan’s website.

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