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TOP 3 Pet Insurance Companies in NY

Insurer Rate Price Direct Pay Vet Exam Fee Reimbursement Percentage Deductible Annual Policy Limits
9.8/5 50 reviews

from from $17.68 per month

90% of vet bill $100 Unlimited Get Quotes HealthyPaws Reviews
8.8/5 50 reviews

from from $16 per month

90% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes Pets Best
8.4/5 50 reviews

from from $15 per month

80% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes PetFirst

Is Pet Insurance in NY Worth It?

I am so relieved by the fact that Trupanion covers my cat. The simplicity of submitting a request, their fantastic customer service from the U.S., and the several other beneficial aspects of being insured by Trupanion are what make my day brighter! Their Buffalo representatives are really caring and well trained. If you have doubts about something, the representative dealing with your problem will explain further up until you understand everything. I would say that the only downside I see with this policy is that it doesn’t cover neutering. It is quite necessary for a happy pet. Maybe in the future, it will be covered, too!

Total Vet Cost Companies Pays
Coco $2000

from $1000

Сost of pet insurance in New York

How much you pay for canine insurance will be based on a number of factors tied to your specific dog. There will be a list offered:




Cost of veterinary
care where you live

Sample Price. Dogs and Cats Insurance in New York


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $20
3-4 from $22
4-5 from $25
5-6 from $29
6-7 from $37
8-9 from $48
9-10 from $58
>10 from $109


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $14
3-4 from $16
4-5 from $18
5-6 from $21
6-7 from $27
8-9 from $30
9-10 from $38
>10 from $88

Where to buy pet insurance in NY?

We rate over 20 top pet insurance companies to find the policy that fits you best!

PetInsuranceFinder Reviews

Alex, NY

I wanted to find pet insurance in NY for my dog that was highly rated by actual customers. The reason is because I previously had a bad experience of taking my dog to a large company, thinking that they would take care of my dog simply because of their size, but I was disappointed. That’s why I carefully read the reviews before choosing these guys, and they won me over with the care they showed.

Karter from Buffalo

I always considered myself to be a great pet owner. However, my friend told me about pet insurance and how it’s absolutely necessary to avoid unexpected costs. After looking for pet insurance in Buffalo, I stumbled upon this great company. I highly recommend them for all of your pet insurance needs.

Alice from New York

Being a pet owner in New York is not cheap or easy. I have been here for five years, and for the last three, I have had a beautiful cat companion that gets sick more often than I expected. The good part is that I got a pretty good deal for a pet insurance policy from Pets Best that does not weigh so heavily on me.

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