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Pet insurance / Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews

Nationwide is on your pet’s side. They have insurance policies that can cover your pet in the event of accident, injury or illness, starting at approximately $12 per month.

There are a number of plans you can choose to fit your budget that offer up to 90% reimbursement, and annual deductibles from $10 to $1,000. Choose a plan that covers your whole pet from nose to tail (Whole Pet with Wellness) or Major Medical or just a Wellness plan (to cover things like vaccinations, flea/heartworm protection, FeLV/FIV tests, and even spay/neuter).

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews


Saul Kinney

January 5, 2020
I feel that Nationwide is like any other company that offers details in the fine print as far as what they cover and what they don't. As long as you read everything, you will not be surprised by anything. I am very fortunate to say that my dog has been covered under their policy for eight years now and we never had any trouble filing a claim or getting reimbursed. The cost of insurance went up as my dog got older, but this is expected. We started off paying $54 a month and now we pay $94. However, it has all been worth it because we needed to have eye surgery and back problems. While I do have to pay upfront, they are very clear about the claims and refunds about my plan, which is one of the best they offer. If you do file a claim, I recommend that you do so online instead of faxing in the paperwork. Otherwise, it is easy for physical papers to get lost, which is problematic, even though you get a receipt. Having said all that, my dog is very healthy than to them.
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Phillip Bender

November 29, 2019
Every claim that I submitted was paid on time. Even though I feel that their claim submission process is a little outdated, I still have no problem submitting anything. They notify you that your claim has been submitted and all of my claims have been paid for within 30 days.
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November 11, 2019
My cat was suspected of having a liver tumor, and the vet told us it was too advanced to receive treatment or surgery. She was on the verge of suffering liver failure, but she fought for her life and six weeks later she was still alive. The doctor submitted her for reevaluation and discovered that the tumor appeared so advanced on the MRI due to a shadow. We did surgery and Nationwide was there to cover almost all the costs. I believe it was worth paying the monthly fee for this pet insurance, as it was a lifesaver for our furry friend!
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November 10, 2019
My pup is predisposed to developing all sorts of health problems. And Nationwide never tried to impede us in the claim request process. They assessed each claim and reimbursed me as fast as possible. I recommend any pet owner to enroll with one of the policy plans at Nationwide. We have the extra Wellness plan, which is amazing.
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Clark Walker

October 21, 2019
I absolutely love Nationwide. I have insurance for my dog and I would highly recommend to all pet owners out there that they get coverage as well. Right when I got my dog, I called Nationwide and created a policy for him. I got the comprehensive coverage which means that he is covered for even simple things like fleas and ticks and major ones as well. I hope I never have to use it. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude. I hope that in the future they will expand their plan to cover even more such as well-care visits. However, I have peace of mind and that is very important to me.
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Carol Stevens

October 13, 2019
Good customer representatives and good coverage.
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Lorena Edge

September 21, 2019
I have covered both my dogs with insurance from Nationwide for many years now. The first time I had to use it was for my Shitzu/Bichon’s cataracts. The entire process of submitting the claim was done very quickly. My other dog, needed to have back surgery because he had a herniated disc that was pressing on the spinal cord. I called Nationwide right away from the hospital and discussed the options that I had. They told it was covered by the MRI and surgery. I work in the insurance industry myself, so I know that nothing can be guaranteed until the claim is submitted for review. We decided that we will go ahead with the surgery and do whatever we can to save my dog’s life. Without the surgery, there is just no way she would be here with us today. After we picked her up from the hospital, we were worried about the claim, but they reimbursed us within a couple of weeks. The total amount was more than $5,000. The only thing that could have made it better is if they paid a higher percentage like 80-90%. Having said this, I am still very grateful because we live in New Jersey and everything is expensive here. Also, as my dogs get older, I noticed that my premiums have gone up more than I expected.
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Meghan Bates

September 16, 2019
I am so glad I had pet insurance for my dog. It saved me a lot of worries and financial problems! I have had only outstanding experiences with Nationwide!
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Avice Paul

September 5, 2019
I have never had a bad experience with Nationwide. Everything is done on time, and the premium is not outrageously expensive.
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Meredith Holmes

August 25, 2019
My husky fell ill recently, and we did some expensive tests. Nationwide was next to us all the time and helped us cover the vet bill. Thank you!
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Sanah O'Connor

August 2, 2019
As long as you have all of the necessary paperwork about your pet's health history, you won’t have any problems submitting a claim. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised by having fast and easy the reimbursement process really is. My cat needed to have almost all of her teeth pulled and the bill was $2500. After the deductible was paid, they reimbursed me for 90% of costs even before I had to make the payment on my credit card. I have used three insurance companies before Nationwide and this is easily the easiest one. They increase the premiums a lot even though my cat is getting older, but maybe this is something that is to be expected.
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Aubrey Brooks

July 28, 2018
Nationwide Pet Insurance was the best decision I ever made for my dog. I joined their company and requested the premium package, which ultimately gets paid automatically from my bank account every month. When I purchased this insurance, my dog had all his medical records in check, and he was as healthy as it gets. I only needed this plan to make sure I have the means to treat him if anything wicked happens. And soon after, my dog had some kidney problems and needed urgent medical care and seven days of hospitalization at a local animal Hospital. With a bill of more than $5000, I was afraid that my reimbursement request would be rejected. I was pleasantly surprised by the fast approval and reimbursement time frame. It confirmed to me that this insurance plan is the most efficient on the market. It saved me a lot of money, and, of course, it allowed me to deal with my dog’s problems fast. Thank you so much!
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July 11, 2018
Everything was ok. Thank you for your service!
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Brian Hoover

April 25, 2018
Good service, but I am not satisfied with the unannounced rate increase. Nationwide pampers new customers with all sorts of incentives, but forgets about its pool of loyal customers, of which I am part, too. Anyway, besides this bump, everything is ok with this provider.
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Shaunna Robinson

July 26, 2017
When you get a pet, you are entering into a relationship that will last a lifetime. This is not something that should be taken lightly. This is something that my husband and I discussed in great detail with our vet technician Lory, who runs the company Pet Assistance by Lory (P.A.L). One day our dog, who is 16 years old got kidney problems and we didn’t have pet insurance. For this reason, we will not be getting any more dogs, not because of the high medical bills, but rather the emotional toll. As soon as we heal from this tragedy, we plan to get a new pet, either dog or cat. This time we will definitely be getting insurance. My husband and I feel responsible for their care since they are part of the family and we will continue to provide for them as long as we are alive. I know that this is some heavy stuff and it might cause some of you to rethink getting a pet, but you must know this. About twenty years ago, I had a cat and got insurance for it with Nationwide. Back then, they controlled the majority of the market. Nowadays, there are a lot more options out there, some of which even give you the opportunity of creating a pet health savings account. Each person can decide what their dogs need for themselves, but medical insurance is an absolute must. Over the time span that I had my cat, the cost of the insurance increase every month, but this is something that should be expected. It was really easy for me to file regular health claims as well as the co-morbid, end of life disease plan. You must be prepared to pay some of the cost upfront and then wait to be reimbursed. This is just the way the process works. I am very thankful to Nationwide for treating us so well. We are not sure if we ever get another pet, but if we do, we are definitely buying health coverage and it will definitely be with Nationwide.
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June 16, 2017
I used this insurance company for several years up until today. I had insurance for my cat, but sadly she died a couple of months ago. And, naturally, with my new cat, I wanted to sign for another insurance policy, just to be prepared for the unexpected. I was stunned when I contacted Nationwide Pet Insurance to learn they have dreadful customer skills. I tried to explain that my new pet will live with my daughter on her college campus, but I was planning to pay the insurance from Texas, where I lived. The representative asked me three times in the row where the cat will live!!! Anyway, after some hard time and constant explanations, they reassured me the insurance covers the cat. The salesperson I spoke with continued to contact me and stress the need for transferring ownership of my policy to my daughter, as otherwise, it will get cancelled. I saw it futile to explain that this is a temporary arrangement up until my daughter finishes college. Instead, I am researching other insurance companies, and I definitely recommend you skip Nationwide Pet’s services.
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Cody Heath

April 16, 2017
I felt so eased when Nationwide Pet Insurance helped me with my cat’s cancer. She had a growth inside her belly and needed expensive surgery and treatment. My policy covered more than 85% of the costs, and I even got reimbursed faster than expected. I don’t understand why people complain about Nationwide Pet Insurance. I think they didn’t read all the information about all their distinct insurance plans carefully. My opinion is that this company is reliable and deal with everything transparently. Their representatives are always ready to help while they continuously check to see how the reimbursement process goes. We use the insurance plan that features a wellness package. And it is the best! My cat really enjoys all that pampering!
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April 24, 2016
You people are crazy with all these five-stars reviews. An annual premium package with Nationwide for a cat goes up to $500. Keep in mind that we’ve been with this company since she was three months old, and all her medical records were spotless. Last year I paid around $350, without the impressive deductible of $200. As my cat ages, I am quite curious how much the premium will cost. Will it go beyond $1000?! Of course, it is an excellent approach if you are afraid of emergencies or unexpected chronic diseases. But after all, it seems like an unnecessary expense to me. I am wondering if I should cancel my subscription and pay myself for her care! This is outrageous!
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Jaden Simmons

February 14, 2016
I work at an animal rescue centre, and I see first-hand how important it is to have insurance for your pet. So, naturally, I bought an insurance plan as soon as I brought my new puppy home. I encourage you to try Nationwide’s services as they were proactive, compassionate, and quite helpful. Sadly, my dog passed away, and I had to cancel my subscription. I contacted their customer service and told them about the unfortunate event and how I need to cancel my plan. The representative was genuinely sorry about the tragic event and went through the process rapidly. Soon after this, I rescued another dog and requested a new plan from Nationwide. I was quite surprised when I received from them a message that they were sorry for my loss and that they will reimburse me all the money I paid for the package. This is not a common thing amongst insurance companies!! And I am so thankful! They understand how hard it is for a pet owner to lose a furry friend.
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Jack Hill

February 13, 2016
Even though I’ve seen several negative reviews about Nationwide, I wasn’t sure that those were true. Also, their policy planned seemed accurate, and I decided I need to get one for my pet. I opted for the premium package that comes with a $100 deductible and up to 90% reimbursement for almost all types of problems. After going through customer testimonials, I’ve seen that most were unsatisfied that this company didn’t reimburse expenses that weren’t covered by their plan. Well, people! If you want all the benefits, you should purchase the premium package. Nationwide has three insurance plans, while the most expensive comes with all types of coverage, including emergencies, injuries, health problems, and wellness. Even though I was somehow convinced I made the right decision, all these bad reviews got me worried. It wasn’t until I had to use my policy that I got convinced about their professional services. My dog started to feel odd, and he even refused walking. I got him to the vet’s office, and after a couple of investigations, they decided he must’ve had eaten something that hurt him. With an iv and some dietetic food, we solved the problem. I requested reimbursement from Nationwide, and it added all the medical records I’ve received from my vet. I was sure I would get rejected, as my dog hadn’t had a severe issue. But to my surprise, the request was approved, and I got reimbursed soon after. They covered almost 70% of the costs, and I can say they are the best. No hassle, no delays, no extensive paperwork! Thank you!!
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Nationwide Company Information

Year Founded:     1925
Address:                P.O. Box 2344
Phone:                   (800) 540-2016
ZIP Code:              92822
City:                       Brea
State:                     California
Country:                United States
Price Range:         from $20 per month

In the midst of the many, many pet insurance providers out in the marketplace, there are only a few that really stand out. One of the most recognized names in the world of insurance and finance is Nationwide. Amidst their impressive portfolio of financial and insurance product offerings is comprehensive pet insurance that offers the best of the best in pet insurance coverage.

Nationwide’s pet insurance policy was made available in 1980. Back then, it was known as Veterinary Pet Insurance Services, Inc. Today, the company is headquartered in Brea, California and sits under the Nationwide umbrella of products.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide offers three different “nose-to-tail plans based on the client’s needs. Each plan covers a myriad of different health issues and health services, and reimbursement levels differ slightly between plans.

  • Pet Wellness

This basic plan offers your furry friend everything to do with preventative and wellness care. Things such as heartworm prevention, microchipping, vaccinations, and bloodwork are covered under this plan.

Reimbursement under this plan is based on a benefit schedule and capped at a specific amount. In addition, once the application for this plan is received and Nationwide receives payment, coverage will begin after 24 hours.

  • Major Medical

On this plan, only accidents and illnesses are covered. This, of course, excludes wellness care and routine services such as vaccinations, bloodwork, and dental cleanings. Things that would be covered under this plan include chronic diseases such as diabetes, injuries such as a muscle sprain, or even age-related ailments such as urinary incontinence.

There is a 14-day waiting period for reimbursement under Major Medical and this reimbursement too is based on a benefit schedule and capped at a specific amount. The 14-day waiting period kicks in once the application for coverage is received and Nationwide receives payment.

  • Whole Pet with Wellness

With this comprehensive plan, your pet will get a combination of Pet Wellness and Major Medical, plus coverage for a whole host of other health issues. It’s really coverage for just about everything that isn’t a pre-existing condition. This includes accidents, illnesses, and wellness care. Ailments such as arthritis, fungal skin disease, Lyme disease or even something as basic as an ear infection or skin allergy will be covered. Services such as spay or neuter, vaccinations, routine dental cleanings, and wellness bloodwork are also covered.

Nationwide will reimburse 90% of what was paid to the veterinarian. Here there is also a 14-day waiting period for reimbursement once the application for coverage is received and Nationwide receives payment.

All policies will come with either an annual deductible or even no deductible and there is a 100% money-back guarantee if the client cancels within 10 days of when the policy went into effect. There are never any penalties or restrictions on coverage if or when a client files a claim. Pets will never be dropped from a policy because of age, however, a pet must be enrolled in one of Nationwide’s plans before the age of 10.

Policies are primarily for cats and dogs, however, there is also coverage available for birds and exotic animals. Under the bird and exotic animal policy, services such as exams, lab fees, prescriptions, x-rays, hospitalization and more, are offered to a wide variety of birds, amphibians, rodents, turtles, snakes, etc.

Nationwide Claim Form Process

Claims for veterinary services can be submitted by phone, online, via email or through Nationwide’s smartphone app, VitusVet. Once veterinary services have been rendered, the client is responsible for paying the invoice in full at the time of treatment. The client will then submit a claim to Nationwide for the amount that was paid out and Nationwide will reimburse according to the terms of the client’s policy.

For More Information

Nationwide’s website contains more detail on the types of policies offered as well as FAQs and other pertinent information. Also available there is access to Companion, Nationwide’s pet newsletter, a downloadable infographic on Pets and Toxic Plants, a section for pets to be honored on their birthday, and even a refer a friend section where visitors have the chance to get an Amazon gift card.

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