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Lisa (TX)

Anybody who owns a dog, cat, or other pet considers them as family. That’s why I scoured through hundreds of reviews to find just the right one. I feel pleased with this company because they were not too pushy. They genuinely wanted to help me find a price that fits my budget. In fact, I felt that they were sincerely concerned about my problems, and I really appreciate that.
5 out of 5

Denise (ME)

There are a lot of pet health insurance providers, but I am pleased with Trupanion. My friends have been telling me for quite some time about it, but I was hesitant to switch. But now I see that it is head and shoulders above my previous insurer.
4 out of 5

Caroline (CO)

I recommend PetInsuranceFinder as the go-to platform for finding the pet insurance plan. It is crucial to see your pet health insurance with a reliable provider, and I can say from my experience here this is a trustworthy service. All I had to do was submit a query, and from that point on, I was offered several suggestions in regards to quotes and providers. I received the best coverage for my kitty. Thank you!
5 out of 5

James (CA)

PetFirst is, by far, the best pet insurance company I have come across so far. They were very knowledgeable in terms of the coverage that I need since my pet is getting older and has more needs. Most importantly, they were able to empathize and place themselves in my shoes. Definitely recommend.
4 out of 5

Martin (CT)

My opinion about PetInsuranceFinder is that they are the best service I ever used. I looked for the best pet insurance for my dog and got tailored results for my search. In a matter of minutes, I found the pet plan I wanted. Everything is hassle-free, and all you have to do is add some data about your pet. And the variety of providers is impressive. You have plenty to choose from. Excellent service, indeed!
5 out of 5

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Pet Onsurance FAQ

What is Pet Insurance and how do I get it?

Preventative healthcare for your pet can get expensive, but you may find those costs manageable. If your pet gets sick, out of pocket costs can skyrocket. Some pet parents find themselves in the terrible position of choosing between treatment and euthanizing their pets. Most people just don’t have the many thousands of dollars it can cost should their beloved pet contract a severe illness like cancer. The cost of medication, medical tests, and life-saving treatments can add up quickly.

There are many benefits to buying healthcare for your pet.

  1. Pet insurance can cover illness or accidents. You can buy these coverages separately.
  2. It is best to buy a policy that covers both since your pet can get injured in an accident as well as contract a serious illness.

Not all companies are the same. That’s why Petinsurancefinder provides ratings and rankings for companies in your area. Our recommendations are based on the experiences that other pet owners report.

Yes. Some companies offer pet insurance that covers dental. Others may offer pet insurance that covers having your pet spayed. Some companies offer it for special breeds, like Rottweilers. It is also possible to get health plans for exotic pets.

Also, there are two main types of pet insurance coverage. The first type pays your veterinarian directly. Your vet submits a claim to the company to receive payment. With the other type, you pay your veterinarian then submit the claim to the company for reimbursement.

There are some differences from one company to the next when it comes to what a pet insurance policy covers. Generally, most will cover the following:

  • Injuries from an accident
  • Chronic ongoing health conditions
  • Congenital conditions such as cataracts or diabetes
  • Wellness care
  • Alternative Therapy like acupuncture and hydrotherapy
  • Imaging such as X-rays and ultrasounds
  • Lab tests
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgery

It's important to know up-front what your pet insurance policy will not cover. Doing so will help to eliminate any surprises when you visit the vet and think your procedure was covered, and it wasn't.

Generally, most companies will not provide coverage for:

Pre-Existing Conditions

Coverage for pre-existing conditions is often limited. It is done to prevent pet owners from purchasing insurance for pets right after they discover a health condition. Before you purchase coverage, it's essential to find out what the company constitutes a pre-existing condition. Even if they are only showing signs of a disease they haven't been diagnosed with, a company could still deny coverage

Inhumane Treatments

Most providers will not offer coverage on any services they consider to be inhumane. These procedures can include but is not limited to, claw removal, tail docking or ear cropping.

Fees Exceeding Usual and Customary Costs

If fees paid for care from your vet is higher than what is charged by other veterinarians, your company might deny that claim. Pet insurance companies use industry statistics to determine customary services for the cost of vet services within a specific area. Before you choose a new vet, be sure to ask for a list of fees, and provide this information with your company to confirm.

To learn more about buying a pet insurance policy, contact the experts here at PetInsuranceFinder. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Americans love their dogs and cats. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), over 60 million households care for nearly 90 million dogs and puppies. About 47 million families in the USA care for 95.6 million cats and kitten. People also love their birds (20.3 million of them), reptiles (9.4 million), and horses (7.6 million). It’s challenging to find companies to insure certain types of pets like ferrets, rats, parrots, and turtles. However, Nationwide Insurance Company offers an Avian & Exotic Pet Plan covering a long list of more unusual pets – even guinea pigs and hedgehogs.

You can find an affordable pet insurance policy by selecting different options to lower the cost. For example, choosing a higher deductible can lower the price. The deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying for each claim. The younger the animal, the less expensive the coverage. Kittens and puppies will have much lower premiums compared to a senior cat or dog. Small dogs, depending on breed, may cost less. Other features that affect the price include:

Annual Policy Limits

The annual policy limit is the maximum amount the pet insurance company will pay out each year. The lower the annual policy limit, the lower the premium.

Reimbursement Percentage

Choosing a lower reimbursement percentage is another way to lower the cost of veterinary pet insurance. Typically, you choose either an 80% or 90% reimbursement percentage. So, if your vet bill is $1,000, an 80% plan will cover $800, less your deductible.

Optional Coverages

You can select optional coverages such as dental. Wellness coverage provides preventative maintenance and routine exams to ensure your pet is taken care of from head to tail. Some companies offer deals for buying additional coverage. You can usually get a discount for buying insurance for more than one pet.

Most companies do not offer a pet plan that starts immediately. There is typically a waiting period of 14 days. Some medical conditions require waiting periods of up to six months.