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Eusoh is a simple, affordable, subscription-based alternative to regular pet insurance. You simply pay a monthly subscription fee along with an initial deposit to become a member of one of the cost-sharing groups. If you take your pet to the vet, you pay the bill and submit it to Eusoh.
Your reimbursement amount is based on 3 things: your Out of Pocket amount (deductible) each year is $250, and you are responsible for 20% of whatever expenses you submit (reimbursement percentage), but the remaining expense is then shared amongst your group and the Eusoh community, and they contribute to the balance. It’s a new way to share vet expenses and be reimbursed for a lot of your costs. Go check it out!

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Eusoh Pet Insurance Reviews


5 out of 5

Antonio Rice, MA

May 29, 2021
Last year, Lucas, my chihuahua terrier tore his ACL. This is a complicated procedure for any dog, but considering his breed, it was going to be extra costly. The total was about $5000, which of course, I did not have, and there was no option to do a payment plan. Fortunately, we were covered by Eusoh. They paid about 90% of the procedure even though this was such a significant amount. Also, I don't have to worry about running out of insurance money because I can submit claims for as long as I have my dog. Which is hope for a really long time.
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5 out of 5

Tia Washington, Montana

July 24, 2020
My dog Ronnie will be 6 years old this year, and I’m happy to say that he managed to stay healthy for the most part. We were out for a walk recently, and I noticed that he was limping on his rear left leg, so I decided to take him in for a check-up. They did an x-ray. It turned out that he needed to have surgery to repair his ACL. He loves to jump around and probably landed awkwardly. When I heard that he needs to have surgery, I already decided that I was going to pay for it no matter what. It’s a good thing that Eusoh was there because it really allowed me to have peace of mind knowing that I can pay for it. They didn;y even ask a whole bunch of questions, and the entire claims process was easy.
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5 out of 5

Rebecca Hale, Missouri

July 1, 2020
When I first turned to Eusah to treat my dog, Lola, I was amazed at how they treat people. The customer service is excellent, and they process the claims very quickly, and they covered our trip to the emergency room, the surgery to repair my dog’s ACL and wellness exams. I did a lot of shopping around before setting on Eusoh, and I can honestly say that they really give you the most value for your money. They did not hike up my premiums because of my dog’s arthritis, which I am grateful for. Overall, I’m happy with the quality of service, and I feel that I am getting good value for the money.
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2 out of 5

Derrick Paul, Minnesota

June 18, 2020
I would like to share with you a negative experience I had with Eusah. I needed to take my Doberman, who is 6 years old, to the vet because he needed treatment for an ear infection. They denied my claim because a couple of years earlier, my dog had eczema, and we were given some medication. Anyway, they said that the ear infection was a pre-existing condition and refused to cover it. This is just ridiculous. I feel like they will find any excuse possible not to payout. I would not recommend Eusah.
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4 out of 5

Patrick Warfield, California

June 9, 2020
When my dog, Sparky, needed to have surgery for his knee cap dislocation, I was devastated. I started worrying about how much all of this was going to cost. The only thing worse than these thoughts was looking at Sparky and knowing that he deserves better. Eusoh worked with my vet to help me file the insurance claim. There wasn’t too much paperwork involved, yet I felt that the processing time should have been faster. I was reimbursed about a month after the initial claim was filed. Other than the long wait time, I felt that the service was excellent, and I think I will stick with them next year when my policy is up for renewal.
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5 out of 5

Ricky Ellis, Wisconsin

May 14, 2020
I feel that the premiums Eusah charges are relatively reasonable for the services that you get. They have indeed been a blessing for me and my dog, Emmit. Whenever someone asks me about pet insurance, the first thing I tell them is Eusoh. A few months ago, Emmit needed to get a lot of X-rays and MRIs done, and it turned out he had multiple bulging disks that were causing nerve issues. Eusah covered everything, including the new medication that he needed without any hassles. They allow me to give my dog the best care possible, knowing that I will be reimbursed in the end.
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5 out of 5

Christina Ellis, VA

May 6, 2020
We’ve had a great experience with Eusah. One day I noticed that my cat, Harry, wasn’t moving as well as he usually does. I had to take him to the vet on multiple occasions, and he needed to get all kinds of treatments and tests done. We received quite a scare when the vet told us the problem could be cancer, but in the end, it turned out to be something else that brought a much-needed sigh of relief. Still, as you can imagine, all of the bills piled up, and Eusoh worked with us to pay a large percentage of those bills, and we are very grateful to them.
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2 out of 5

Michael Straub, DE

April 28, 2020
I was with Eusah for many years, but I decided to cancel the policy since I never used it. They told me that my policy would be canceled within a month. During this time, I tried logging in to see my policy status, but they deleted my account even though I was still a policyholder. I called customer support about this issue many times. The first couple of times, I was simply disconnected. The third time I finally got through and talked to someone who had no idea what he was talking about. I wanted to speak to his boss, but he told me that he doesn’t take calls. He told me that his boss would call me back, which never happened.
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4 out of 5

Lorry Hill, Arizona

April 21, 2020
Eusoh is great!! Customer support was so helpful last time. My small kitten swallowed something; I guess it was a little toy gun (tiny). She needed a high-quality and expensive treatment. Eusoh covered all my vet bills. I was so happy!! Thank you, Eusoh. You are awesome. I highly recommend you to all my friends with pets.
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5 out of 5

Robert Lewis, Washington

April 7, 2020
I started working with Eusoh a few months ago. My claim was processed quickly, and the vet treatment was fully covered. They considered my dog’s pre-existing conditions. Not every company does that. Thanks, Eusoh for your high-quality work, you are really professionals. My four-legged friend also thanks you very much!!
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5 out of 5

Donald Porter, Ohio

November 27, 2019
I like Eusoh because it doesn’t make me feel like my pet’s suffering is a means of income for them. It is like a piece of friendly help that you get when you need it the most. Also, it is cost-effective and quickly the best price on the market. I fully recommend it!
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5 out of 5

Jane F.Fox, Illinois

October 5, 2019
I love the Eusoh pet insurance I got for my dog. Not only is it easy to submit, but it also makes you part of a broader community of pet owners. The lack of premiums and excellent customer support are also two stellar additions. I believe that all the other pet insurance companies should take notice of what a policy should be like.
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5 out of 5

Charles Rose, Washington

July 3, 2019
I cannot believe how amazing Eusoh is. This insurance service is excellent, especially when you consider that it is made for pets only. Imagine if human insurance companies would follow the same practice! They are easy to work with, the monthly payments are affordable, and it is effortless to submit the expenses when you have some. I only regret that I did not sign up for it 4 years ago when we first got Ruben.
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5 out of 5

Paul Quinn, California

July 13, 2018
I got this Eusoh policy for my Great Dane, Marvin. I delayed getting pet insurance for so long because most of the offers that you find are expensive and come with several premium add-ons that you have to pay for. This Eusoh pet insurance is affordable. More so, it puts me in contact with other pet owners that have large breed dogs. It makes me feel like we belong to a group, a friendly community, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. I am happy that I got this cheap monthly plan as a back-up for Marvin’s wellbeing and for my peace of mind, too.
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5 out of 5

Rolf C.Bell, Florida

May 15, 2018
I would rate my experience with Eusoh as outstanding. We did not often need to use the policy that we got for our poodle, thank God, but it was always helpful when we did. I like this company best because they send a part of the payments to other pets that need expensive medical treatment more than ours. I appreciate their constant support and a big thanks to the customer support agents that they have. Awesome job! Keep it up!
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5 out of 5

Jonas Richard, New York

May 2, 2018
It is my second time using the Eusoh pet insurance for my dog, and I am delighted with their services. The first time, my cocker spaniel, Debbie, got hit by a bike and needed immediate surgery. Then, she had a severe cold. But she recovered from both of these issues thanks to the great support from Eusoh. I appreciate their help and the small monthly fees that they have. Thank you so much!
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5 out of 5

Roxy Mclellan, Louisiana

April 26, 2018
My cat has been covered by Eusoh for a few years now. I bought the middle plan and it pays me back for sickness or emergency. They have always paid me back pretty fast whenever I used it. They don’t pay you back for all things, but I think what they do cover is paid back fairly. And the customer service has been helpful every time I have spoken to them.
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5 out of 5

Peter Ahmed, Kentucky

March 5, 2018
I recommend Eusoh highly. I think pets are family so they ought to have health insurance just like the rest of the family. I have had it to cover my dog since he was a pup and he’s now five years old. It’s much easier to pay for pet insurance then suddenly need to pay a vet bill costing thousands of dollars! It’s also simple to file claims and they pay me back a fair amount and do so fast. I would’t have pets and not use Eusoh Pet Insurance.
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5 out of 5

Angelica Burris, New Mexico

February 7, 2018
I' have used Eusoh for 2 dogs. They have been simple to talk to, quite nice, and very helpful and easy to understand when I talked to them. I have not filed a big claim yet, but one of my dogs got killed by another dog, which was horrible, and I forgot to tell Eusoh it happened. Therefore they tried to get me to pay for a renewal. But when I told them what happened, they were very understanding and sensitive to my pain. They cancelled the policy that day and it only took a few minutes. I think they actually felt bad and wished to help me.
Helpful 1 people found this review helpful
5 out of 5

Jad Hackett, California

January 27, 2018
I have had my policy for several years. The customer service people have been a great help every time I needed them. Lately, because of some personal issues and other stuff I forgot where I put my paperwork and the policy. So I looked online, got my policy number by talking to a really helpful customer service lady. She was great. She helped me a lot. She was very sweet and it was so easy to deal with her. And it is simple to make a claim through them too. I wish the medical insurance I have for myself was so simple to deal with and was as nice as these people are as it would be wonderful.
Helpful 2 people found this review helpful
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Eusoh Company Information

Year Founded: 2017
Address: 1100 Glendon Ave
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States
Price Range: from $17 per month

Insurance for your beloved pet may, at some point, be out of reach. Eusoh provides an alternative for such a scenario. At times, healthcare bills are overwhelming, and you need a helping hand. Even with insurance cover, you may have a policy that doesn't address the specific medical need at hand, and it may be one needing a hefty cash payment. Eusoh avails a crowd-sharing platform for the affordable, transparent, and safe sharing of pet healthcare bills.

It is important to note that this avenue is not an insurance option. Eusoh provides a similar financial cover via a community-based approach through a cost-sharing network. The larger group consists of pet parents and pet lovers who converge and form smaller units that share veterinary expenses — all funds paid into the group for medical care assists in clearing medical bills. There is no interference or deductions by Eusoh.

This tight-knit group doesn't expect monthly premiums, only a $10 monthly subscription. Even with a flexible set of financial obligations, Eusoh avails a comprehensive list of services. The only other charge is a refundable $48 deposit paid as a membership fee. In the autonomous setup, the monthly community-sharing payments never exceed the set limit of $58 (the $10 monthly subscription and a $48 cost-sharing amount). On many occasions, the amount is lower than $58.

Eusoh Pet Insurance Cost

The initial out of pocket amount is $250. Upfront payment caters to your costs before your group steps in to share your medical expenses. Your member share is the percentage of the submitted amount that remains your responsibility and stands at 20 percent. The community caters to the remaining 80 percent. The annual maximum reimbursement is $8,500, which is enough to cater for most pet healthcare needs.

Groups require at least ten members to achieve an active status, with Eusoh services available for pet parents across the US. Currently, there are plans for international expansion.

Waiting Period

30 days

Reimbursement Percentage


*Reimbursement percentages are based on national average pricing + a geographical variance.

Annual Out of Pocket


Payout Limits

Maximum annual reimbursement: $8,500 per year.


$250 per year.

Eusoh Pros and Cons

Advantages of Eusoh

There are several advantages to joining a Eusoh group:

  • No premiums
  • No stringent age restrictions, with no minimum and maximum pet ages, considered
  • Pets with pre-existing needs to get healthcare support with no additional charges after the group agrees to cover the specific conditions
  • The sign-up process is simple
  • Eusoh caters to health issues that some insurance companies don't. For instance, congenital or hereditary conditions are reimbursed once the group accepts.


Inevitably, there are some downsides to working with Eusoh:

  • Should you pick a vet that charges slightly higher, you may end up paying more money out of pocket. Groups only reimburse the average costs plus a variance
  • After joining, you're not eligible for reimbursement for a month. That's where the initial $250 payment comes in to cater to your medical costs within that duration. If you want support with medical expenses within a shorter period, you need insurance
  • The platform is relatively new. A lack of a reasonably long track record means an absence of reviews that give an insight on user experience thus far
  • Changing groups has consequences too, as such action sees you forfeit your $48 deposit, requiring the submission of a new one

Despite the above downsides, Eusoh provides an inspired alternative to conventional pet insurance. The procedures are less complicated, meaning that there are no hidden charges or vague fine print in the dealings with Eusoh.


In a world that's increasingly embracing technology in healthcare and the avenues used to access medical services, Eusoh is an infinitely ingenious platform. Traditional insurance companies have set monthly premiums, which prove a hurdle if one has an irregular paycheck. Defaulting on your premiums often attracts penalties, and the cancellation of your policy. Eusoh, on the other hand, provides a straightforward solution to health insurance needs.

Considering that pet healthcare costs vary according to state and area of residence, joining Eusoh means avoiding animal clinics that charge above-average treatments and medication. The operative criteria in reimbursements are the average cost, meaning that you only go for licensed clinics with standard charges to avoid high out of pocket payments each time your furry friend visits the veterinary.

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Eusoh Pet Insurance Plan

The cost-sharing procedure kicks off with a submission for medical costs by a member. After that, the system calculates the specific amount each member ought to pay to offset the filed request. This calculation is at the end of the month, as payments come monthly. Each member gets a notification of the community contribution, after which cash payments cater to the bills submitted.

Medical costs vary according to state. The cash from group contributions pays the fees for veterinary procedures plus the variance due to the state of residence.

Eusoh communities cover the following:

  • Injuries
  • Annual check-ups
  • Illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Congenital conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Alternative treatments
  • Prescription medication
  • Wellness care

Your Eusoh community doesn’t cover the following:

  • Declaw or declaw removal
  • Ear cropping or tail docking
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Food expenses
  • Breeding expenses


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