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TOP 3 Pet Insurance Companies in CO

Insurer Rate Price Direct Pay Vet Exam Fee Reimbursement Percentage Deductible Annual Policy Limits
9.8/5 50 reviews

from from $17.68 per month

90% of vet bill $100 Unlimited Get Quotes HealthyPaws Reviews
8.8/5 50 reviews

from from $16 per month

90% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes Pets Best
8.4/5 50 reviews

from from $15 per month

80% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes PetFirst

Is Pet Insurance in CO Worth It?

With my first puppy, I was not aware of the dangers of parvovirus. And unfortunately, our sweet dog, Bella, seems to have got it while playing at the dog park with a sick puppy. Of course, we expected Healthy Paws to cover it. This insurance company helped us all the way and covered everything that was specified in the policy we bought. And their representatives in Denver were so friendly and always referred to Bella by her name. So, having quick access to veterinary emergency services is what saved her life. I truly appreciate this company and their services! They saved my poor baby’s life!

Total Vet Cost Companies Pays
Bella $4500

from $3900

Сost of pet insurance in Colorado

How much you pay for canine insurance will be based on a number of factors tied to your specific dog. There will be a list offered:




Cost of veterinary
care where you live

Sample Price. Dogs and Cats Insurance in Colorado


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $20
3-4 from $22
4-5 from $25
5-6 from $29
6-7 from $37
8-9 from $48
9-10 from $58
>10 from $109


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $14
3-4 from $16
4-5 from $18
5-6 from $21
6-7 from $27
8-9 from $30
9-10 from $38
>10 from $88

Where to buy pet insurance in Colorado?

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PetInsuranceFinder Reviews

Barry from Denver

After spending countless hours of searching, pet insurance in Denver proved to be harder than I thought. These guys were very friendly and informative, and I feel very comfortable with the way they handled my dog’s situation. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who feels that their dog is family.

Bryan, Colorado Springs

Overall I feel very comfortable with service from Pets Best, but all this paperwork involved makes it a bit of a chore. I studied a lot of companies in Colorado Springs and couldn’t find anybody better so I don’t mind filling out a lot of paperwork if it means that my dog will be secure from any accident and vet bills will be paid on time.

Ruth from Boulder

As a pet lover and dog owner, I am extra careful with the insurance that I take out for my Charlie (5-year old Retriever). I rely on Healthy Paws, and they never let me down. Thanks to them, I can always go to any vet clinic and know that the policy will cover the costs. Thank you!

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