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An insurance plan for your furry family members can help in times of illness or accident. You go to any licensed vet, emergency clinic or specialist – there is no ‘in network’ list of providers. There are different plan options with different annual benefits, deductibles, and reimbursement options, but all of your pets no matter their age are eligible for coverage. You can even add coverage for expenses related to routine care to help you offset some of the vet expenses you know you’re going to incur, like vaccines, microchipping, spaying and neutering and teeth cleaning.

Doesn’t your dog or cat deserve insurance coverage just in case? Go take a look at PetFirst – we think you’ll be pleased at what they offer!


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PetFirst Pet Insurance Reviews


Esa Holt

December 3, 2019
I feel very fortunate that I have been with PetFirst from day one when I got my dog. Two weeks ago, I was devastated to find out that he has Granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis. This disease has led to other diseases such as diabetes, cataracts, and loss of mobility. He started having a lot of problems with his rear left leg. If it wasn’t for PetFirst, I don’t know what I would do. They covered most of the cost. Because of PetFirst and the specialty vet I took my dog to, he is here with us today. I wouldn’t want to be with any other insurance company. Thank you PetFirst for saving my dog.
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Irving Weston

November 29, 2019
Not too long ago, our dog injured his leg and needed to have surgery on his neck. The entire process would cost a fortune if it wasn’t for PetFirst. We paid for the procedure with a credit card and they reimbursed us before the payment was due. We decided right away that we were going to provide a dog with life-saving surgery he needed, regardless of whether or not the insurance would pay for it. Fortunately, they did everything quickly and accepted our claim. After such a terrible ordeal, it was a sigh of relief to know PetFirst would pay for everything. I am very grateful!
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Robert C.F.

November 26, 2019
Thank you so much, PetFirst! It is great to have an insurance company by your side when your pet gets sick. Our dog, Danny, had a neck injury that required immediate surgery. We thought that it would take weeks or months before the insurance would reimburse us. Our budget was tight, and the surgery costs were way above it. Fortunately, PetFirst ensured us that the process of reimbursement would go quickly and smoothly, and it did. Danny underwent surgery and recovered steadily, and we got our money back just as fast. If you need a reliable pet insurance policy, I recommend PetFirst with all my heart!
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Laura Atkinson

November 26, 2019
I am disappointed with PetFirst and their services. I had to submit a claim for reimbursement, but they kept saying that there were documents missing from my claim. More exactly, there was no proof of my payment. So, I sent another claim only to encounter the same problem. I did not like how they addressed the issue or how they talked to me when I contacted them by phone. Submitting two claims and still getting no positive results is a major red flag in my book when it comes to insurance companies. I will not bother with a third one, and I will most probably take my business elsewhere.
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Matthew Fields

November 24, 2019
Stay away from PetFirst if you value your money and your mental health! They do not care about your pet being sick, and they only want to rip you off. First, they lure you in with an affordable payment plan and assure you that they will have your back in case of emergency. However, when it hits the fan, they are nowhere to be found. When it comes to reimburse a claim, they make it as difficult as possible. I had to go through a long and strenuous submission process that required numerous documents. Every time I emailed them, they said that they were missing one file or another. They make sending a claim frustrating and demoralizing. As for their offer of paying for all the vet appointments that take place during the first 30 days after adoption is a scam. They do everything they can to delay the reimbursement process so that it surpasses that limit. They are a shame for the pet owners and insurance community.
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Sulayman Terrell

November 24, 2019
I have two dogs and they are both covered by PetFirst. My younger dog stayed healthy and I did not need to use the insurance. Since they refused to cover my older dog's pre-existing conditions, I almost canceled the policy, but looking back on it, I’m glad that I didn’t. He had more health problems and needed surgery for hemolytic anemia. I am very glad that I had PetFirst because I don't know what I would do without them.
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Karina Clarkson

October 22, 2019
I enjoy being with PetFirst because of the great service that they offer. When my dog got sick about a year ago, I didn’t know how the whole process worked. While my dog was in the hospital, I called PetFirst and they explained everything to me. All I had to do was print out a form, give it to my vet to fill out and then just resubmit it to them. Since the first incident happened, we had lots of other minor issues and some requiring surgery. However, the entire claims process remained simple and it was easy to get help when I needed it. I would recommend PetFirst since they will always be there for you when you need them.
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Mark Russel

September 7, 2019
This was the worst experience I have ever had with a pet insurance company. PetFirst is a scam! I had a routine check-up for my cat that was around $300, and I asked for full reimbursement only to have them tell me that it was not possible. How can that be? This is preposterous! When I contacted their customer service, they talked to me as if I wasn’t entitled to get my money back. I strongly recommend you to use other pet insurance companies instead of these crooks!
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Imogene Peters

September 1, 2019
Be very careful when using this pet insurance company! They will use any gimmick in the book to deny you payment. Our cat had a small surgery on her paw, and while the vet report clearly stated the nature of the medical intervention, they considered it was only a routine checkup. So, they blatantly refused to pay us back the costs. They are the worst!
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July 27, 2019
I have two dogs, and one of them has many health problems. I have to take her to the vet frequently, and if it weren’t for this pet insurance policy, I would be paying a fortune on check-ups and treatments. PetFirst is always there when I need them, and I am grateful that I use their services. I endorse them and recommend them to any pet owner that has a dog as sick and feeble as my Charlie is.
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Miranda Blankenship

June 11, 2019
PetFirst is the best! It was very easy to complete and submit the claim. They quickly answered and assured me that I would soon receive reimbursement. They are fast, helpful and professional. Keep up the good work!
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Beatrix McGee

June 2, 2019
This is the worst pet insurance policy to have if you are a new pet owner like me. At first, I was delighted with the payment plan that PetFirst offered for my recently adopted puppy. However, when I had to take him to the emergency room and came out with a hefty bill, they did not want to reimburse me. PetFirst is a terrible experience and I do not recommend it!
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Amelia Robertson

May 10, 2019
I love that they give you free coverage when you first sign up with them. I got a new puppy and received the first month free of charge, which was quite helpful, especially since I had to go to several vet checkups in this period. It is my first time paying for a pet insurance, so I could not say if they are the best out there. However, PetFirst has worked pretty well for me so far!
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Berenice Hampton

May 10, 2019
Thank you PetFirst! Without your help, our dog would have suffered immensely and our bank account would have been depleted. We took out an insurance policy as soon as we adopted Jessie, our 3-year old Husky. We had no problems for the first two years, but then our poor girl developed GME and, with it, she also had diabetes and cataracts. She was a mess, and it took us almost an entire year to get her back on her feet. We couldn’t have done it without PetFirst, however. They were there from the start and helped us with vet suggestions, support and by covering the medical costs. The reimbursement plan was very advantageous and helped us keep our finances afloat. They are amazing!
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Cecily Morton

February 3, 2019
We are happy with PetFirst and their services, even if our collaboration did not always reimburse our claims. First off, I have to tell you about my puppy Ringo, who we adopted three years ago. Ringo had a preexisting condition that most pet insurance companies do not cover. It is a shame that PetFirst is one of them, but there was nothing we could do. We knew that when we applied for the policy. So, every intervention that Ringo had for this preexisting condition did not get any coverage from PetFirst. However, they were very helpful and quick whenever our pup had other medical issues. From a leg surgery to occasional checkups, they always delivered on their promise. As a pet owner, I recommend that you never go without pet insurance, even if your dog or kitten looks perfectly healthy. And, if you have to choose a policy, I recommend PetFirst!
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July 2, 2018
PetFirst is the biggest scam in the Universe! They will tell you that everything that is wrong with your pet is a pre-adoption condition. They will ignore medical reports and dismiss all your claims just to get your money and never reimburse a single penny. I am disgusted with their way of treating us. Our first and only experience with PetFirst came last month when we adopted a new kitty. While she quickly adapted to our home, she started feeling sick after a few days. We took her to the vet, and after detailed testing they found that she had a stomach disease that she could have only gotten recently. The vet even mentioned in the report that the cat suffered from it for just a few days. When we sent the claim to the insurance company, they said that the “few days” could mean weeks or even months, and that it is most likely a pre-existing condition. Their response and way of talking to us were outrageous and rude. We even talked to the vet about it. He called them as well and confirmed that his investigation revealed a problem of a very recent timespan. Pet First still did not want to hear about it, so we had to pay for everything from our bank account. We immediately applied for policy cancelation and took our business elsewhere. Not only do they try to deny your claims in every possible manner, but they also treat you like a beggar. Stay away from PetFirst!
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Richard Reed

June 10, 2018
I am a long-time dog breeder, and I have always bred pure German Shepherds. I enlisted one of my latest puppies for a PetFirst insurance policy, but they screwed up the registration process, which led to a ton of problems. When I sent in the first claim, they said that my dog was a mix breed, which it clearly wasn’t, and that they could not cover the costs. I pointed out the errors in my dog’s profile in their database, but they rudely replied that the information was real and that they could not change it. I was appalled by their answer and how they treat their customers. This way, they will have a hard time keeping any loyal buyers around. It is my last time working with them, and I am already looking for other pet insurance companies on the market.
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Frederick Heath

May 12, 2018
This is the best pet insurance policy that I have come across so far. I was in the market for months, looking for the most cost-effective and long-term beneficial pet insurance, and I found it at PetFirst. They are true professionals that care about your business and treat you with respect. When my dog got sick, they were very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. All the vet bills were subject to reimbursement, and we got our money back quite quickly. I strongly recommend PetFirst to every pet owner out there!
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Merry Baldwin

January 7, 2018
I have been a pet owner for 12 years now, and I never had any trouble with pet insurance companies before working with PetFirst. They are complete liars! I took my kitten for an x-ray, but first I checked with them to see if they would cover the costs. Their response was affirmative, but after I sent them a claim, they said that it did not match my policy and that they could not reimburse even a single penny. The same thing happened with my old Terrier when I went in for a regular vet checkup. I am very disappointed with their services, and as soon as this policy expires, I will never work with them ever again. PetFirst is a scam!
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June 4, 2017
PetFirst is the worst company to which you can subscribe for a pet insurance. First off, they say that they do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. We took our new kitten Smiley to the vet immediately after we adopted him. It was the same day, but they refused to cover the bills since the treatment that the vet prescribed may have referred to a pre-existing problem. That is gibberish! We had to pay for everything, and then they had the nerve to offer us a 30-day coverage policy that we would only have to pay when the month was over. It sounded like a scam, so we refused.
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Personal tragedy may inspire new beginnings, and the loss of a beloved dog saw PetFirst co-founder Brent get the inspiration to help fellow pet parents avoid such loss. The untimely loss led to the formation of this company in 2003. Brent teamed up with Landson to begin the journey in helping facilitate the access to necessary healthcare with minimal financial hurdles. Since its establishment, the insurance partner has helped thousands of families secure the health of their furry companions.

The driving force behind policy formulation at PetFirst is the need for tailor-made solutions for all manner of clients and budgets. This approach gives policyholders the freedom to choose reimbursement rates, deductibles, and annuals limits that align with the available individual budgets. Set monthly premiums for dogs to remain affordable, with costs ranging from $32 for dogs, and $26 monthly for cats. PetFirst offers deductibles of $50, $100, $250, and $500. Available benefit limits range from $2000 upwards annually.

Pet Insurance

An increase in the need for pet insurance has resulted in a corresponding spike in animal healthcare costs. Advancement in veterinary services means better health, but the expenses involve often prove costly, especially for uninsured pets. As one of the fastest-growing companies in pet health insurance in the United States, this insurer lets you acquire the services of any vet in emergencies, with claims fully processed within the fortnight.

Here is a list of all covered healthcare issues covered right from the moment your policy becomes active:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses – these include congenital, chronic, and hereditary conditions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Exam fees
  • Hospitalizations
  • Alternative therapy and holistic care
  • Emergency care
  • Medication
  • Surgeries
  • Ultrasounds
  • X-rays

The policy covers the following additional conditions after 12 months:

  • Anterior cruciate ligaments
  • Posterior cruciate ligaments
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease, or IVDD
  • Medial cruciate
  • Cranial cruciate ligaments

Exemptions are inevitable, and PetFirst doesn’t cover the following conditions:

  • Elective procedures
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Vaccines
  • Deworming
  • Behavioral training
  • Boarding
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Anal gland removal, expression or anal sacculitis
  • Breeding and breeding-related conditions
  • Pet foods and specialized diets, supplements, and vitamins
  • Elective procedures
  • Parasite prevention and treatment procedures
  • Deciduous teeth removal, endodontics, and orthodontics
  • Organ transplants
  • Bathing and grooming costs
  • Injury or illness from coursing, racing, or organized fights
  • Select routine wellness and preventative care procedures

Selecting a suitable policy for your animal is an important step. Take time to read and understand the fine print on all cover offers, and for everything that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification from customer service.

How to File Claims at PetFirst

The idea behind pet insurance is the reimbursement of pet healthcare bills. After an illness or accident, there are specific items required for the successful filing of a claim at this insurer:

  • A completed and signed form
  • An itemized invoice from the incident in question
  • Relevant veterinary records or SOAP notes

You can easily download a claim form from the company website. After the submission of a claim, reimbursement comes within two weeks, with no lengthy waiting periods. It is important to remember that for your first claim, the insurer needs 12 months of vet records. For adopted pets, all necessary adoption paperwork forms part of the documentation for the application. In the event of missing information, the insurer will contact your vet’s office.

Timelines are crucial when it comes to claims, and the necessary documentation must be availed within 90 days of the invoice or treatment date. The submission of documents may be through the online portal (MyPets), email, standard mail, or fax.

Cost-Effective Healthcare

Healthcare for many uninsured animals remains a challenge. However, PetFirst steps up to provide tailor-made solutions for you. The flexible plans cover dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. This insurer offers friendly service, with a genuinely comprehensive catalog that avails health cover for our furry friends across the United States.

With a desire to provide affordable plans, getting a quote to fit your budget is easy. If you desire to cancel your policy, a simple email will do, as all cancellations have to be in writing. As an insurer, this company avails affordability and flexibility in one appealing package.


For humans and pets alike, health insurance remains a necessity. For many people, an unexpected medical bill in the thousands of dollars poses a severe challenge in an always demanding economy. A pocket-friendly insurer like PetFirst ensures that your animal gets the necessary treatment with minimum hassle.

Once the policy has served its purpose, you may cancel via a simple email. Flexibility with matters of age means that senior pets enjoy comprehensive health covers, with no limitations.

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