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Pets Best was founded in 2005 by a Veterinarian who wanted people to have financial assistance when their pet is sick or hurt. Choosing an insurance plan to cover your pets no matter their age can help you pay for veterinary care that results from illnesses, accidents, or injuries, and Pet’s Best tries to do that by offering plans with annual deductibles between $50 and $1,000, and a reimbursement percentage of 70, 80 or 90%.

Quick reimbursement (within 3-5 days) and directly paid into your bank account is something they offer as well. Pet’s Best offers a wide variety of coverage choices, plus two optional routine care plans, so pet parents can select a plan that is perfect for them and their budget.

Don’t wait, look at their plans, get a quote and protect your pet now.

PetsBest Reviews

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews


Katherine C.C.

November 8, 2019
I don’t quite understand mobile apps, so I submitted my reimbursement request via email. Pets Best surprised me and managed it quite fast. They even sent me a follow-up email to see if everything was ok. I am satisfied with the services at Pets Best, and I recommend them to all my friends.
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Jane Stevens

October 29, 2019
I struggled a lot regarding whether or not to share my cat’s story with you. But I feel like everyone needs to know about how professional the services at Pets Best Insurance are. They really aided us during our hard times and allowed us to spend some more time with our beloved pet. So, Daisy, our cat, started having trouble breathing a couple of months back. Our vet believed she either had water in her lungs or a tumor. Our insurance covered the cost of a scan and additional investigation. And we cannot thank Pets Best enough for that! During those investigations, one of Daisy’s lungs collapsed, and we found ourselves sitting in the ER. And the insurance covered the stay, the treatment and everything else our cat needed. It is quite right that we changed a couple of veterinary clinics, but we couldn’t seem to manage to find someone to help Daisy recover. The insurance covered the treatment costs for lung disease, including syringes, testing supplies, vitamins and medication. But our new vet concluded she was not responding to the treatment. We moved to UW Veterinary Care, as they had a specialized department for this. When we were admitted, an additional ultrasound was done, and the doctor discovered that an odd mass pressed the part of her lung that had trouble functioning. The doctor suggested a surgical intervention, but I was quite concerned because Daisy had already had three surgeries due to a previous accident in which she was involved. After addressing my concerns to the oncological ward, I realized that exposing her to a surgical complication and chemotherapy was too hard for Daisy to endure. And I will always remember how kind Pets Best’s consultant was with me. He firstly apologized and expressed concern about our situation. He told us he was so sorry we were going through this. He even underscored that Daisy’s insurance plan would cover all the care needed, and we would still receive almost 80% reimbursement. So, I decided to take Daisy for a dangerous lung surgery. The lobectomy was unexpectedly successful, and the tumor that pressed Daisy’s lung was entirely resected. We were so excited to move on to post-op care and recovery. But our beloved cat developed some liver issues, as well as, possibly, pancreatitis. What was more concerning was that there was an infection with a culture extremely drug-resistant to E.coli. This was a tedious path towards healing, with extended days of subcutaneous antibiotics. Our poor Daisy looked so sad and in pain that my heart broke. But Pets Best was there to support me and covered almost all costs. Sadly, a couple of months back, the vet discovered that this liver problem, the infection, and all the problems Daisy had were even more dangerous than everyone thought. And the doctors told us the disturbing news: Daisy would never recover, which is why administering more medication wouldn’t be useful. I would’ve wanted to allow Daisy to pass away at home, but she was too unstable. Instead, the vet euthanized her at the clinic and allowed us a moment to process our loss. And for all this, Pets Best was alongside us and aided in dealing with the expenses. To sum it up, all Daisy’s medication, antibiotics, surgery and interventions led to an invoice of about $50,000. So, I cannot express enough gratitude for Pets Best, as it made it possible for me to have Daisy close as long as I could. Of course, this company made her passing a lot easier, as we managed to administer her pain medication. I will always be grateful for Pets Best’s care and attention to details.
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Megan Goodwin

October 3, 2019
It took me just a few minutes to fill in all the necessary info when I was submitting my claim. I’m defiantly pleased with how fast these guys are working.
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Stuart Smith

October 3, 2019
I find Pets Best a nice company. Unfortunately, all my tries to reach someone who can handle this staff faced problems and everything stays on its place. Hope soon something will be changed.
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Nancy Hunter

September 1, 2019
User-friendly claims process. Respectful, responsible and caring customer support.
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Eileen Houston

August 11, 2019
Great customer support work, as well as flash-fast claims processing. Bless you, guys!
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Ophelia Harrison

July 3, 2019
This service is great! I’m totally satisfied with what my beloved cat, Jaicy, and I receive here. The only thing making me upset is the price is twice as high in comparison with what we were starting from 4 years ago.
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Alice Andrews

June 29, 2019
Pets Best company is my real helper. During three years of our cooperation, my dog Lola has experienced quite a lot of accidents, and each time these guys showed their professionalism and high responsibility, carefully checking all my claims. Moreover, when they have some troubles with processing, they got in touch, notifying me. So, I never had any misunderstandings or delays of my payments.
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Kayla Morgan

June 25, 2019
Fast and reliable pet insurance service.
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Vanessa Sydney Barnes

June 12, 2019
I had pet insurance for my cat at Pets Best since she was less than 10 months old. She is now 8 years of age, and, of course, she has quite some health problems. I am thankful for Pets Best because they offered me a way to provide the best care for my pet. It is easy to submit a claim, and you receive reimbursement in a couple of days. And if there is an issue, a representative informs me via email. You should give Pets Best a try!
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Mary French

June 11, 2019
Pets Best is a highly responsible company that knows how to provide perfect service. It looks like these guys really care about pets.
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June 8, 2019
This company is amazing – they need up to three days to process my claim. Pets Best will approve requests even quicker if you add all your pet’s medical records, vet bills, photos, vet recommendation letters and contact info from the veterinary clinic. I recommend this service to everyone who cares about their beloved furry friends.
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Gabriel Ward

June 4, 2019
Pets Best makes it extremely simple to deal with claims and reimbursements. I am happy with my choice, and I never had a negative experience with Pets Best.
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May 25, 2019
My friend suggested this company to me once I brought my new little friend home. During the last 4 years, I’ve never faced any problems with covering my vet bills. Really trustworthy company!
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Dorothy Bryan

May 23, 2019
Pets Best is my favorite insurance company. It really cares about its customers and provides all necessary help, as well as responds to claims ASAP. I’m defiantly recommending them as people performing very professionally and loyally. Cool company and great insurance service!
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Devin Miguel Cox

May 18, 2019
Great customer service, and simple to use service.
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Sandra Mallory-Logan

May 10, 2019
I wanted to review Pets Best services to let everyone know how helpful they are when your pet is in trouble. I ended up purchasing insurance for my dog at my vet’s recommendation. He knew a lot of information about such policies, and he believed it is always better to be covered. My rescued dog had an infection in his mouth, and later my vet discovered it was caused by an abnormal growth. As you might guess, this was an expensive intervention. But Pets Best was proactive and helped me all the way. We had multiple surgeries in else than a year, and with each claim I made, I became more and more convinced that this company cares deeply about pets. It is true that during the past years the costs significantly increased. Yet, the company helped me to design the coverage and receive affordable invoices for my dog’s treatment. My opinion is that without Pets Best, I would’ve never been able to care for my dog correctly. And he would’ve died! I warmly recommend Pets Best, as they’ve done so much for me. And my dog still wags his tail with joy!
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May 7, 2019
What is the purpose of having pet insurance if I have to wait more than 40 days for my reimbursement, and meanwhile I have to cover all those expenses out of pocket?? I have a restrictive budget, which is why I had pet insurance in the first place. I simply can’t afford to pay those expensive veterinary bills. And I have an idea about what this company does: they delay the reimbursement just so they can make money on the interest. And this is the reason why other people receive their coverage in less than 14 days. It is all games and fun for them, while we go into financial distress waiting for the promised help. I will most likely select another pet insurance company, as this service is completely unpleasant.
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Nathaniel Allen

March 11, 2019
I want everyone here to know that Pets Best is a great service that needs just several days to process a request. And that they never look for bogus reasons to reject claims or label them as pre-existing issues as many other insurance companies do. These guys truly care for your pet’s wellbeing and do everything possible for them!
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March 10, 2019
Each time I reach Pets Best is a complete pleasure. Never had a negative experience, and their reps are humane and extremely knowledgeable. My requests were dealt with fast and professionally, which is why I recommend this company to anyone that seeks a reliable service.
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Pets Best Company Information

Year Founded:      2005
Address:                 2323 S Vista Ave
Phone:                    (877) 738-7237
ZIP Code:               83705
City:                        Boise
State:                      Idaho
Country:                 United States
Price Range:          from $16 per month

The true value of a company is often evidenced by the power of the origin story behind it. The origin story tells the “why” of the company and points to the core principle(s) the company was founded on and the mission that they keep at top of mind when they serve their customers. Such is the case with Pets Best Pet Insurance.

Pets Best was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, practicing veterinarian and by all accounts, considered to be the “father” of the pet insurance industry. Further back on the timeline in 1981, was Dr. Jack Stephens who, together with his partner, Greg McDonald, launched the first pet insurance company in North America. Later that company became what is known today as Pets Best.

Dr. Stephens, when he founded Pets Best, wanted to make sure all pet owners could better afford the best veterinary care for their beloved pets. In fact, the mission statement of Pets Best speaks to this:  “To end economic euthanasia by helping to ensure pet owners are financially prepared when their pets need unexpected veterinary care.” Essentially Pets Best seeks to remove the financial worry out of owning a pet, so the pet owner can focus on helping their dog or cat to recover quickly.

The company’s staff is comprised of pet owners and pet lovers – many with veterinary background and many involved with animal rescue. Their pet-friendly office, located in Boise, Idaho, serves thousands of pet owners and in 2011, became the first pet insurance company to offer completely electronic claim filing and payment process.

Pets Best Policy

When it comes to their policies, Pets Best goes above and beyond to offer everything that a pet owner would want in terms of quality coverage for their pet. As with most pet insurance providers, pre-existing conditions are not covered. And since pet insurance is primarily for “unexpected” expenses, routine or “expected” expenses usually are not covered either. But Pets Best has taken a step outside of the status quo and offered additional coverage, referred to as EssentialWellness or BestWellness, which covers routine care coverage. This routine coverage helps pet owners pay for regular expenses such as the aforementioned routine pet visits, as well as vaccinations and dental cleanings.

EssentialWellness or BestWellness is a supplemental plan that can be added onto Pets Best core plans for an additional fee. The plus is that there is no deductible to meet with these two wellness plans, and they are a relatively inexpensive add-on.

Pets Best core coverage is comprised of two options – BestBenefit Accident and Illness and Accident Only coverage. As the name suggests, BestBenefit Accident and Illness is the most comprehensive of the two plans, covering unexpected incidents like emergencies and illnesses. There are multiple levels of coverage in this plan and can be customized to meet the needs of the pet and the pet owner’s budget.

Accident Only coverage is designed for those pet owners on a limited budget that want great coverage for things like broken bones, accidental swallowing, snake bites, etc. Unlike the BestBenefit plan, the Accident Only coverage does not cover illness or cancer.

All policy offerings are for cats or dogs as young as 7 weeks of age. There is no upper age limit, so senior pets can qualify for coverage too. However, as the pet ages, rates tend to rise because the risk of illness for a senior pet rises as well. Upon enrolling for a coverage plan, there is a 3-day waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illness and a 6-month waiting period for cruciate ligament events such as hip dysplasia.

Pets Best Claims

Nothing distresses a pet owner more than when their best furry friend is ill or injured. Pets Best wants to make the entire process of filing a claim for veterinary services rendered as painless as possible, so the pet owner can get back to the business of tending to their pet.

Once a diagnosis has been made and treatment has been administered, clients need to submit their claims to Pets Best as soon as possible. Pets Best has eliminated the tedious paperwork by making claim filing available via the client’s customer account on the website or through the mobile app. Clients can submit and view the progress of their claims through their customer account. Reimbursement is usually administered a few days after the claim is filed. If the client signs up for a direct deposit, reimbursement occurs within a matter of a few days. Should they opt to receive a paper check, reimbursement is usually received within 5 to 7 days after the claim has been processed.

Community Involvement

Pets Best is a prime example of a pet-centered company who “gets it.” Because of their experiences in serving the community, they know how to offer the best products to the marketplace. This is evidenced by the many awards and accolades they’ve received over the years.

  • From 2013 through 2017, they were awarded the honor of being the “Best Place to Work in Idaho.”
  • In September 2015, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), awarded Dr. Stephens with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work.
  • In addition, Pets Best has been involved in many pet-centered charities such as the Idaho Humane Society where they frequently participate in various events put on by the humane society.
  • They are an integral part of the Pooch Party and Stroll held by Nampa Parks and Rec, which is an annual event that raises money for Nampa’s dog parks.
  • Pets Best has also done some work on behalf of hospice and palliative care patients to make sure their pets are well cared for.
  • Through Dogs On Deployment, Pets Best gives military members peace of mind concerning their pets while they are deployed by providing them with the ability to find people and resources to help them.
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