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Pet insurance / 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Reviews

24PetWatch offers policies for your dog or cat which cover them for accident, injury or illness.

Policies have an annual deductible between $100 and $1,000 and a co-pay of 20% (in other words, 24PetWatch will reimburse your vet bills up to 80% after your deductible). Their policies have a maximum payout limit option between $1,500 and $20,000 depending on the plan you choose. Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and less than 11 (dogs) or 13 (cats) years old to enroll. If you want to see how much insurance coverage will cost for your pet, why not go to their website today and get a free quote?

Doesn’t your furry friend deserve health insurance too?


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24PetWatch Pet Insurance Reviews



November 11, 2019
I have had my pet insured by 24PetWatch for more than 10 years, and I have nothing to complain about. The costs are, indeed, higher than the initial quotes, but it was mentioned on our policy. I suggest everyone read their policy carefully to avoid all those unsatisfying experiences everyone talks about in this testimonials section!
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Jordan Watson

November 8, 2019
It would’ve been great to have human health insurance as professional as this pet insurance is.
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Chloe Adams

November 8, 2019
As mentioned in the policy I purchased, I expected the dog treatment we had at the vet’s office to be covered. Still, after forwarding my claim (I even had to resend the medical records a couple of times until the claim went under review), 24PetWatch postponed my claim requests, as they stated there was not enough info. I faxed everything my vet gave me as proof, and my claim got neither denied nor accepted. And the customer rep wasn’t helpful at all; but when I decided to cancel my request, they were impressively fast to help me with that. So, I believe this company is a fraud! Avoid them if you can!
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Irea Maya Green

November 6, 2019
Each time I had a claim with this company, I literally had to beg, contact them multiple times and resubmit my pet’s medical records endlessly. It was my mistake I didn’t cancel my plan sooner!! I believe this is a fraudulent business, as you usually have to wait more than 30 minutes before someone takes you seriously. I never got a reimbursement with ease, and I am certain they are trying to cancel my subscription, as I changed my bank account, and they failed to update my info. Unprofessional service! Take my advice and choose another pet insurance provider.
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Thomas Fowler

October 24, 2019
I can tell you I was entirely unsatisfied with 24PetWatch, and I would’ve given them less than 1 star if it was possible. I submitted all the information provided by my vet, and their representative rejected my request because he thought that was insufficient data. I contacted farther the customer service, and I got an impartial answer. They suggested I need to submit a reassessment request, along with further details about my situation. Also, they said I need to get my new application expedited, as I waited more than four weeks for the initial request to get rejects. As you might guess, the reassessment of my claim wasn’t expedited and rejected. I followed all the measures for submitting a reimbursement claim. I attached all the medical records from my vet, along with all the additional information required to opening an inquiry with this insurance company. I even contacted their representatives numerous times. The only information I got was that I benefit from a free trial from my veterinarian, and I am forced to use it. I entirely regret I use it. And of course, I am eager to move my pet to a trustworthy insurance company. Here the reimbursement process is complicated, and the representatives have no clue about their own company’s policy.
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October 16, 2019
Overall, my experience with 24PetWatch was ok. It is true that for a specific breed or age the costs are higher, but this company offers decent coverage in case of emergencies, except for anything that falls under the pre-existing health problem. Our plan is charged with $20 extra when compared to our initial costs.
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September 8, 2019
Avoid 24PetWatch!!! They only look to increase their revenue, and they fail to help your pet. They even refuse to cancel your subscription!!
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Julius Tucker

July 27, 2019
To clarify, some friends told me that in most scenarios claims get rejected for all sorts of odd reasons. But since I’ve been with 24PetWatch, I never faced such a situation. What is indeed more fascinating – is that with their new managerial changed, their reimbursement timeframe has somehow got better. Anyhow, the changes within the company lead to a boost in rates, similar to competitors’ prices. For me, this looked like an unfair cost boost, as the rates were quite affordable and cost-effective before this change. And this company will even boost your premiums if they think you request too many reimbursements. Maybe this happens with any insurance company, not only with this one. It is frustrating that other insurance companies reject pets that had previous health issues. You are unable to do anything about it, and your current insurance company knows it and uses it in its favour. In general, I am satisfied with the services I received with my pet’s insurance policy. I only want to tell any pet owner out there to be careful and do a lot of research before purchasing any insurance plan. Moreover, it is best to see it as a personal health insurance policy. You will buy it and continuously wish you will never have to use it. My insurance plan for my pet is not affordable, but I always see the bigger picture. Surgery is expensive, and I don’t have the means to pay for it. And this company covered our previous interventions by 80%, which is quite fair. I wish you all the best!
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Zahra Lyon

July 13, 2019
I was shocked at these bad reviews for 24PetWatch. I have had insurance for my 2 cats for around 5 years. When one of them got sick, I used the insurance a lot until eventually I had to have her put down. I got my money back within a week of submitting a bill. At first they sent a check, but later they did direct deposit. They always paid me back correctly. I am still using it for my remaining cat. It does cost a bit more than some others, and a wellness plan would be higher than the seventy I pay each money currently. pricey then others and for a wellness plan it's be more than the $70 I'm paying now. I have zero complaints and haven’t had any problems getting to speak to an agent. They are always nice and very helpful.
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July 12, 2019
My puppy has been insured with this company since he was five months old. And they always provided the best service ever! Each emergency we had with our pup was processed fast, and the claim got approved and reimbursed promptly. I never had to experience any hassle in getting approval or coverage, which is why I believe 24PetWatch is a reliable pet insurance provider. I never had to worry about financial distress, as I knew 24PetWatch had my back and would help me get the best care for my pet! Thank you all from all my heart!
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Olaf Maguire

June 27, 2019
Thus far I have found customer service to be quite helpful when I called them. I am glad I got my pet registered with insurance so easily. It’s like all the other insurance for pets. You just go over it carefully and pick the best plan. And it is the same for their paperwork. Just ensure you submit stuff and pay attention to your renewal dates.
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Stefanie Lowe

June 6, 2019
To begin, I have seen a few bad reviews that they denied some claims. But in my own experience using 24PetWatch none of my claims were denied. Plus, with their new underwriters I have seen much faster turnaround timeframes for claims. However, that did make their costs go up, but then again other agencies have also raised costs too. But it was a pretty big rise and their rates used to be very low. And your costs will go up if you submit many claims, but all insurance companies do that. And the majority will also not let you insure a pet if it has a preexisting condition either. And I am telling you that you can’t really hide that either, they find out. Largely I am satisfied with them. But I will tell you that you should do some research prior to signing up for any sort of pet insurance. You need to see if it’s worth the money. It’s kinda like human insurance, you have to buy it, but you hope you don’t ever have to use it. Yet you are covered if needed. It is not inexpensive, but neither is a major incident with a pet, which could cost you more than $5,000. I had to get surgery for one of my animals and it was covered for eighty percent of the price. Good luck!
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Hannah Gregory

May 25, 2019
I am very impressed and believe 24PetWatch has great service. My cat got hit on the road and had to go to the hospital and get admitted. They processed every claim fast and it had little red tape too. No one attempted to tell me that some things wouldn’t be covered like with my own insurance! This policy makes me feel secure that I’ve chosen the top care for my kitties and I never have to worry about prices of vet care.
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May 23, 2019
24PetWatch banned me from the service because I refused to enroll in their $85-lifetime fee package. When I tried to access my account, I got the alert, `Information is currently locked for editing. Please select a membership plan to edit your information.` And I am not able to modify anything or request a reimbursement from my account. Besides that, I can’t even cancel my current policy, as they say that I have to submit proof for my first payment for the lifetime membership!! I want all my data to be removed from their database, but they fail to help me with this, too. Avoid this scam company! It is not worth your attention!
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Jack Torres

November 19, 2018
Soon after I rescued a cat from a shelter, I was offered a free trial with this insurance company. So, before accepting it, I requested additional information from their customer service. I discovered the insurance plan costs 23$ per month, and it covers almost any problem, but it excludes anything related to preventive care. The policy offers around $3000 reimbursement for nearly any kind of unexpected situation. As a small business owner, this was quite helpful for me. It saved me a lot of worries about how will I manage to pay in the event of a pet emergency. This company is reliable, and each representative knows what he or she is doing. So, after I finished the trial, I decided to continue my pet’s insurance plan with them. I warmly recommend their services to anyone who has or wants to adopt a cat. It is a great way to be prepared for emergencies! Especially if you have an ADHD cat like mine.
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July 17, 2018
I don’t understand why my local animal shelter uses 24PetWatch. This is the most unprofessional insurance company I ever came across!! I rescued a senior dog from them, and because he didn’t have a microchip, they refused to help me solve this without requesting 24PetWatch’s services. After you call them or whatever, you have to sign up for your adopted pet, and I guess the shelter receives some bonuses with each submission. This was completely weird! Anyway, after I did so, I stumbled across a political-like speech about how lifetime insurance with them is best, and you only have to pay $80 per month. I calmly listened to the frantic representative, and I decided this offers me no value. Still, they underlined that both my info and my pet’s info would be kept in their database, as they received it from the shelter. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is this, but 24PetWatch has unprofessional representatives. They transmit the info as fast as possible, and they appear to be reading the same lines to everyone. You can easily register your dog’s chip on one of the numerous free online databases. I don’t understand what the deal with this insurance company and the animal shelter was.
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Richard Williamson

March 31, 2018
My opinion about 24PetWatch?? They are the BEST! They are so efficient and caring that I was awed when I submitted a request with them. My dog took a hit by a truck and needed immediate surgery. I wasn’t sure that they would cover it, but soon after the reimbursement request reached them, they contacted me to inform me it was approved. Their representatives were fast and didn’t inquiry unnecessary information meant to prevent me from getting reimbursed. This health insurance reassures me I am always ready to tend for my dog’s needs! I am certain I opted for the best service for my dog!
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Kaitlan Justice

June 18, 2017
For some reason, all the humane societies seem to use these guys for microchipping. Perhaps they get a decent price for them, I am not sure. When you adopt an animal you are supposed to call 24PetWatch or go online to set things up. Then you get your new pet signed up with them and I think the shelter also stays on a contact listing. That’s good because if you forget to update it then the shelter knows. 24PetWatch did try to give me a sales call and wanted me to sign up for a lifetime membership deal that costs about 80 bucks. I read about it and listened, but decided it was not a good deal so didn’t buy it. But they told me my info and my pet’s info would still remain on file. I thought their customer representatives talked too fast though. They seemed to be reading that sales call info from a sheet of instructions on a screen. They need to teach them to talk a lot smoother and slower. They shouldn’t sound so boring with no personality. Plus, I’d additionally get your animal’s microchip listed in a free database, as there are several online to choose from. I have never heard of anything bad happening due to doing that.
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24PetWatch Company Information

Year Founded:      2003
Address:                 PO Box 2150
Phone:                    (866) 597-2424
ZIP Code:               14240
City:                        Buffalo
State:                      New York
Country:                United States
Price Range:         from $35 per month

Most animal insurers offer policies and healthcare cover, but 24PetWatch provides both health insurance and protection services in the United States and Canada. In the catalog of services is the recovery of lost pets and database management services for pet parents and their lifetime companions. Before requesting a quote, as always, it is advisable to check what the package offers, and if it is suitable for your pet's healthcare needs.

Veterinary costs have, over time, increased with the introduction of comprehensive procedures for ensuring animal health. An unplanned payment of thousands of dollars is a tricky proposition for many, and the insurance sector has thus extended its scope to include pets as well. For many pet parents, this option is both affordable and necessary.

It pays to remember that insurers take precautions to ensure that animals don't have pre-existing conditions as those aren't covered. There's, therefore, an exam period for pets that have no health records for the twelve months before the policy application. At the applicant's expense, your pet undergoes a full health check by a licensed veterinarian within the first 30 days after applying for health coverage.

The company expects submission of your claim within 180 days of the event in question, with payments coming within the 60 days that follow a successful filing of the same. These timelines are critical, with time being a crucial factor in insurance and financial matters in general.

24PetWatch Pet Insurance Policies

Ensuring your pet is not dependent on existing illness or susceptibility to disease. Instead, you get insurance because health issues and accidents remain unpredictable. The timelines involved in insurance policies make it impossible to get assistance for events that happened before the policy becomes active.

The eligible reimbursement depends on the set maximum annual limit, the selected deductible, and your co-payment numbers for the purchased healthcare policy. 24PetWatch caters for the diagnosis, testing, as well as the treatment of illnesses covered in your select package.

Health covers include:

  • Accidents
  • CAT scans
  • Lab tests
  • MRIs
  • Veterinary visits
  • X-rays
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription medication
  • Prescription food

A flexible platform allows you to visit any licensed vet in the United States and Canada, including traditional and alternative therapists. The requirement for reimbursement is treatment by a licensed veterinarian.

There are four health covers for dogs:

  • Extra – the additional policy has a $3,000 limit, covering accidents and illnesses. The available deductible options are $100 or $250.
  • Classic – the classic package has a higher limit of up to $5,000, with the deductible options of $100, $250, or $500.
  • Super – the set annual limit for the super bouquet is $10,000, with deductibles of $100, $250, $500, or $1000 annually.
  • Champion – this package has the highest limit, up to $20,000 annually, with deductible options of up to $1000.

24PetWatch avails some additional benefits which complement the coverage of the veterinary fee. The extra perks aren't subject to coinsurance and deductibles. Here's the list of available extras:

  • Boarding kennel fees of up to $500 per incident
  • A euthanasia and cremation cover of up to $200
  • The cost of recovering lost pets, up to $500
  • Trip cancellation cover of up to $500 per incident
  • An accidental death cover of up to $1,000
  • Extra living expenses costs covered up to $500 per event

Some extras come on the fulfillment of specific conditions, so take time to enquire before committing to a policy with any insurer. Understand the fine print before purchasing insurance.

24PetWatch Customer Service

For added convenience, the company's online portal allows access to information and the submission of claim documentation. The global market is increasingly going digital, with business processes increasingly taking place online as opposed to the conventional procedures involving paper. The 24PetWatch online platform has, however, had its fair share of challenges, with policyholders sometimes complaining of the inability to access information online.

Several policyholders have had excellent service with the insurer, with the company keeping its word on claim reimbursement deadlines. However, there have been a considerable number of issues regarding the wrong registration of information for chips in animals. The other notable challenge has been an inconsistent record-keeping regimen that has seen policies canceled despite the timely payment of monthly premiums.

For a proper customer service experience, consistency is vital. Companies need a reliable billing system that reflects payments in real-time and updates the database to avoid the wrongful cancellation of policies. Policyholders also appreciate a straightforward package with no hidden charges and exemptions. The lack of full disclosure inconveniences clients at the most trying times and paints a dishonest and unprofessional picture.


Insurers go out of their way to provide the best possible health cover plans for all policyholders. 24PetWatch gives a bigger allowance regarding the duration within which you submit a claim after the incident, but also take longer to reimburse. Patience is crucial in purchasing a plan that works for your pet. As a company with a service that needs streamlining, this insurer has its fair share of necessary upgrades in optimizing its services.

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24PetWatch Availability & Policy Options

24PetWatch Pet Insurance Cost

Sample. 24PetWatch dog insurance rates

head1 head2
0-1 from $42
1-2 from $44
2-3 from $47
3-4 from $49
4-5 from $52
5-6 from $54
6-7 from $57
>8 from $62

Sample. 24PetWatch cat insurance

Cats Table Head 1 Cats Table Head 2
0-1 from $30
1-2 from $32
2-3 from $34
3-4 from $36
4-5 from $38
5-6 from $39
6-7 from $41
>8 from $45

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