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TOP 3 Pet Insurance Companies in MD

Insurer Rate Price Direct Pay Vet Exam Fee Reimbursement Percentage Deductible Annual Policy Limits
4.1/5 70 reviews

from $17.68 per month

90% of vet bill $100 Unlimited Get Quotes HealthyPaws Reviews
4.1/5 69 reviews

from $16 per month

90% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes PetsBest Reviews
4.1/5 19 reviews

from $15 per month

80% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes PetFirst Reviews

Is Pet Insurance in Maryland Worth It?

My dog had some dental issues, which made it hard to find pet insurance in Baltimore that would cover him. We looked everywhere, but there was always a problem. Either the price was too high, the coverage was not enough or I didn’t want to trust the provider with my dog. After an exhausting search, I’m glad I finally found a company that cared about my dog as much as I do.

Total Vet Cost Companies Pays
Gus $700

from $550

Сost of pet insurance in Maryland

How much you pay for canine insurance will be based on a number of factors tied to your specific dog. There will be a list offered:




Cost of veterinary
care where you live

Woods, swamps and mountains cover a significant part of Maryland. Such natural features pose a danger to pets. Your fluffy friend may get injured and need emergency medical care.

Prices for veterinary services recently increased. There is a way out of this situation—insure your pet.

You don’t know what company to choose? Pet Insurance Finder will help you. We have created a special list with top insurers, their prices, rates and other useful information. You can compare them and choose the one that is the most suitable for you. Companies offer affordable insurance plans with a wide range of services included (vaccinations, X-rays, different kinds of surgery and treatment, etc.). The company comparison table will provide all the essential and necessary information you need to know.

In case your dog gets sick or injured during a vacation, your pet insurance policy will cover all the hospital costs in any city of Maryland. Highly skilled specialists will help you in any emergency and protect your pet’s health. Companies listed in the table offer insurance programs for all pet breeds of all ages.

Sample Price. Dogs and Cats Insurance in Maryland


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $20
3-4 from $22
4-5 from $25
5-6 from $29
6-7 from $37
7-8 from $48
9-10 from $58
>10 from $109


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $14
3-4 from $16
4-5 from $18
5-6 from $21
6-7 from $27
7-8 from $30
9-10 from $38
>10 from $88

Where to buy pet insurance in MD

We rate over 20 top pet insurance companies to find the policy that fits you best

PetInsuranceFinder Reviews

Ryan from Baltimore

ASPCA’s insurance policy was just fine for our requirements. Collaborating with their staff from Baltimore is simple, while everyone is friendly and offers all the help they can. It was undoubtedly the most beneficial choice I did for my pets. Without ASPCA’s coverage, I would’ve never been prepared to care for my pets as they deserve. I urge you to try their services to convince yourself!

Paige from Gaithersburg

The pet insurance from ASPCA is a lifesaver. At least, it was for my cat last month. I was away on business in Maryland and left her with my neighbor. One day, she choked on some cluttered debris and almost asphyxiated and died. Fortunately, my neighbor took her immediately to the vet. They got that thing out of her trachea, and thanks to the policy, they did not have to pay a cent.

Connor from Annapolis

With the help of PetInsuranceFinder I’ve found more companies in Annapolis which offering discounts, rewards and lower rates for keeping your dog healthy. I would like to see that applied to more plans. But great service nonetheless.

We are dedicated to distributing reviews that are based on a person's experience and opinions of their insurance company. It's not uncommon for reviews to be "reviewed" to ensure there is no offensive material. However, no review is a representation of our company and employees.


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