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Petplan policies can cover most accidents, injuries and illnesses your pet might suffer, even dental disease, prescription medication, and cancer treatment.

There is an annual deductible after which claims are paid, with a reimbursement percentage (or co-pay), or you can elect a per condition deductible in order to keep your premium lower. As with most pet insurance plans, routine care is not covered, but Petplan does cover holistic and alternative therapies which other companies may not. For your convenience, plan options include monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

Even your older pets (age 10 or older) can be insured, so go to the website today and get a free quote.


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Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews


Ashley Simon

April 17, 2019
I had some sort of error in my bank account, which is why I reached Pet Plan. The rep listened carefully to my issue, and she asked several questions just to make sure she understood our problem correctly. She placed us on hold for a couple of minutes, and she said she was going to consult with her manager. In a matter of minutes, this rep offered feedback and said that on their end no error was available at the moment. Still, she reassured us she would personally follow the evolution of our problem. That same day, this rep called back and redirected us to her supervisor. We were informed what the problem was, and it was dealt with. We even got tons of apologies and reassurances that they would do their best to prevent this in the future. So, I can say with certainty that Pet Plan has the best customer service! They really care about their customers! Good job!!
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Michelle Pennington

March 13, 2019
At first, my request for reimbursement was rejected, and, as a result, I reached out to their customer service. The rep guided me through the claim submittal process, and in the end, my claim was accepted. I don’t know how to thank them for this amazing support!
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Helen Smith

February 25, 2019
I bet you know that feeling you have when you first join an insurance company, and you don’t know how to proceed next. I called Pet Plan’s customer service and the representative was friendly enough to listen to all my queries. I got in-depth information about my policy’s particularities, and the rep emailed to me additional informative docs. This rep even requested my pet’s medical records so that she was able to instruct me in regards to what is considered a pre-existing condition. I am pleased with my choice and with this insurance provider!
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January 20, 2019
I reached Pet Plan, as I wasn’t sure how to add my pet’s medical records to my account. The rep was knowledgeable and prompted me to send all the records via email. This rep added my pet’s records in their system fast, and he even reached back to ask if I had any other issue for which I would require some assistance.
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Lucy O'nell

January 2, 2019
Even though I was never late to pay my monthly fee with Pet Plan, they failed to help my cat when I submitted a request. This is a fraud and I don’t recommend to any of you this service!! I made an official complaint, which led to an official investigation that decided I needed to get my money back due to their dishonest practices. I hope my review will shed another light on this bad business!
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Richard Townsend

August 21, 2018
I wasn’t certain about how my several claims for a unique health problem would be dealt with. Thus, I reached a rep at Pet Plan for additional details. The rep was friendly and ready to tackle all my concerns. She even discovered that my claims were pending due to an error in calculation. Overall, everything turned out to be ok, and I got the best customer service experience! I recommend from all my heart Pet Plan!!
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Bethany P.

July 14, 2018
The team at Pet Plan is one of the most professional I have ever dealt with. I had bills from two veterinaries, as my pet required a second opinion for his condition. After some time, with all sorts of problems to correctly send them my pet’s records, the rep I reached out to did everything possible to solve my claim. He even contacted me for a follow-up, which made me feel less upset about all the hassle related to submitting a request. Thank you for this exquisite customer service!
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Karen Bradford

April 21, 2018
My cat developed a liver tumor, and I don’t have to say how costly and uncomfortable this type of issue can be. Pet Plan supported us all the way, and each claim was approved and reimbursed as fast as possible. Each time I contacted them, the reps were more than friendly. So, this is the best decision I ever made for my cat! Thank you all for offering me some peace of mind!
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Magnus Garreth

June 24, 2017
Be advised that this company says it will offer you almost everything, while failing to inform you they cover next to nothing!!! I was informed that microchipping and spaying are included in my policy (for which, to tell you all the facts, I pay a $40 monthly fee). When I had all the paperwork for reimbursement, I submitted my claim and discovered that Pet Plan doesn’t cover anything that is mentioned in my policy. And this tedious process took around two months, more than 15 calls and several emails. Go find another insurance company for your pet! This is a fraud!
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Michael Blake

May 25, 2017
I had a good opinion about Pet Plan, and I had my cat insured with them for quite some time. But when my cat got sick, all of a sudden the policy became extremely restrictive and prevented me from getting a claim approved. I was stunned to discover that even the claim in regards to her death was rejected!!! And even though I clearly mentioned this last request was about her death, they were so careless that they continued to charge me for the policy. I feel like this company doesn’t care about its customers at all!!! I got the sense that they don’t know the distinction about the need of additional info and lack of evidence. This insurance company is somehow making a profit of pet owners who don’t take the time to analyze what’s going on with their insurance!! I believed they were a great company to be with! But my last experience with them makes me prone to recommend to anyone interested that it is best to avoid their services!!
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March 25, 2017
I rescued a cat from a shelter, and I felt like I needed some kind of coverage for it. As it was my first pet insurance policy ever, naturally I had several questions. The rep I was redirected to was quite compassionate and offered all the info I needed. I am so thankful for such a professional service! I feel like my cat is covered by the best people ever!
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Paul Greenberg

May 25, 2016
This is an unprofessional service!!! You have to put together your dossier, find all the paperwork they need for claim submittal and afterwards, face a denial, as the conditions you mention are most likely a pre-existing problem! Their sole purpose is to not reimburse you!!!
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April 13, 2016
I feel like there is no necessity on having to wait extended periods of time to get a confirmation of a submitted claim. I had insurance with another provider, and everything was dealt with promptly, especially if my pet was sick. Pet Plan needed around 25 days to receive and deny my reimbursement request. I don’t understand why it takes so long to reject a request! I don’t feel at ease with this policy, and I feel like they won’t have my back in the future. I am seriously considering opting for another provider, as I love my pet too much to do nothing about his future!!
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Jean J Warren

March 4, 2016
I don’t think I had a policy with them for more than 12 months. I wasn’t pleased with the service, as the claim approval process was tedious. I added all the medical records needed (as instructed by their rep), only to wait for 30 days and get rejected because there was not enough data to process my request. When I tried to contact their customer service, I had to repeat the process several times until I got in touch with a rep. Pet Plan said that I needed extra proof from my vet, so I collaborated with my doc and sent them all the additional info. To my surprise, the Pet Plan rep said there were no additional records sent!!! How on earth is this possible? I am completely unsatisfied with this experience!!
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Joselin Green

January 4, 2016
I got coverage from Pet Plan when my cat was around two years old. Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune health problem. The policy I had mentioned a $100 deductible per health condition, unrestricted coverage, and a 10% co-pay. Overall, I got reimbursed around $90,000, while my cat was undergoing treatment. Still, when my cat got older, the only plan I was allowed to opt for had a $700 deductible, 30% co-pay and a yearly restriction of $15,000. I believe that it is not helpful, because when a pet gets older, he or she will most likely need significant coverage. If I ever have to purchase a policy for a pet, I will make sure I ask all the right questions to avoid such situations.
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