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Pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars if your pet is injured or gets sick unexpectedly, and the investment (as little as $15/month for a cat or $25/month for a dog) can get your pet access to life-saving medical assistance and make sure you can afford to help your furry friend when they need it. Reimbursement up to 90% of your vet bill (less your annual deductible) depends on the plan and options that you choose, with no maximum limits on claim payouts.

In some cases, they can even pay the veterinary clinic directly on your behalf. The policy includes coverage for emergencies, most hereditary, congenital or chronic conditions, as well as cancer, and reimbursement is based on your actual vet bill, not what some companies might think it should cost.

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HealthyPaws Reviews

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HealthyPaws Pet Insurance Reviews


Maureen Flannagan

February 5, 2017
Someone, please allow me to offer zero stars to this untrustworthy company! I had many issues with them, as I struggled a lot to get in touch with their representatives. I tried both the online form request and the direct call. But I get shut out by their system, and I don’t manage to get an answer from an actual person. I am seriously considering canceling my credit card, as I don’t see any other way to cancel this insurance!
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February 3, 2017
I went to a local shelter and couldn’t leave without this big-eyed Labrador. My sister said she thought it would be a great idea to protect my rescued one with an insurance plan. Of course, I wasn’t sure why I needed it, but I ended up buying a policy from Healthy Paws. I was so relieved when I needed expensive treatment for my dog! Shortly after I brought him home, he started to act strangely, so I went to the vet’s office. After a series of tests, they discovered he had a tumor that required surgery. I was so afraid I couldn’t afford this, and the thought of losing my new furry friend terrified me. I reached, with a lot of doubts, Healthy Paws, and they eased my stress. With the app they have, I redirected all the receipts and medical records to their staff. Everything was solved fast, and I received an 80% reimbursement. I am so grateful they saved my dog!
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Rebecca Calhoun

December 13, 2016
If you are still not convinced this insurance company is a scam, take this: I wanted to get a quote for my two cats, and I accidentally wrote they were both 12 months old. The result was a monthly fee of $85. After I corrected the forms with their real ages, 2.5 years, the price almost doubled. So, next time you want to get coverage for your pet, remember that Healthy Paws steadily increases its rates on your policy! My coverage’s costs doubled, and it wasn’t related to what they pay for sure. They simply raise your prices to take advantage of you. Outrageous!!!
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E. Davis

November 13, 2016
Oh God! I wish there was a way to give less than zero stars to Healthy Paws! They advertise that they have an easy, basic reimbursement process when, in reality, it is incredibly complicated and messy!! I had some problems, lost my card and had to request a new one from my bank. I’ve been with Healthy Paws for more than 12 months, and all the payments were handled automatically. And guess what? They refused my claim for our pet’s surgery, even though the vet clearly underlined the fact that it happened while covered by the policy! As a result, Healthy Paws boosted our rates over 100% to reinstate!!! What was yet further appalling was that the spokesperson I talked with mentioned a law I couldn’t find!! I will definitely make a complaint higher up about this business!
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Blak Adams

July 1, 2016
I have the most caring and amazing service dog, which is why I felt it necessary to purchase an insurance plan. My dog Bella is healthy, but it is nice to know she is covered in case of an emergency. When I had a problem, I just submitted a claim with their simple process and received a reply quite fast. I am so happy that I don’t have to worry anymore about unaffordable expenses.
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Ryan Thompson

May 11, 2016
I'm satisfied. I had two requests with them in 12 months. They were solved professionally and promptly.
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Alexander Fulton

May 10, 2016
I sincerely don’t know what to believe about this insurance company. Their service differs from situation to situation, and it is either totally unprofessional or extremely helpful. I have four dogs covered by them, and for specific problems. For some issues, everything goes smoothly, and the reimbursement request is accepted immediately, while for other issues, I have to contact their customer service regularly. They even place me on hold and avoid contacting me. If it weren’t so difficult for me, I would’ve indeed canceled my subscription and sought other services.
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Gloria Robinson

March 7, 2016
I can say that Healthy Paws has developed quite some problems recently. I’ve had a plan with them for almost four years. And what was initially a $30 premium, increased in value yearly, up until it reached $60 today!! A complete 100% boost in no more than three years! Of course, as for today, they reject any animal that is older than five years. And don’t even get me started with their customer service staff. They have an unprofessional team; some don’t even master the basics of the English language. You get placed on hold and forgotten!!! Emailing is useless and tweeting unimpressive. I refuse to recommend this company further, as I did in previous years. I am disappointed, and I feel like it is a complete fraud. They attract you with excellent plans, and once you sign up, every little cost gets boosted. You can’t change anything, and if your pet is insured for something, they simply tell you that it is a pre-existing problem, and the insurance doesn’t cover it. I won’t even look for another company. I’ll just start to save some money monthly in case of emergencies!
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March 3, 2016
I am a loyal customer at Healthy Paws, and I had several insurance plans with them throughout the past years. Everything is efficient, the requests are processed quickly, and their customer service team is knowledgeable. Everyone expresses genuine care! Healthy Paws is the most professional pet insurance company!
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January 11, 2016
I struggled a lot to find an insurance company worth a try. I went on and moved from one provider to another - several times. Lastly, I chose Healthy Paws to cover my new kitten. He managed to injure his leg, which of course, resulted in expensive surgery. I redirected the bills to Healthy Paws, and I didn’t expect anything to be approved. But, to my surprise, I received a check! The reimbursement was the easiest and quickest process ever.
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