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Pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars if your pet is injured or gets sick unexpectedly, and the investment (as little as $15/month for a cat or $25/month for a dog) can get your pet access to life-saving medical assistance and make sure you can afford to help your furry friend when they need it. Reimbursement up to 90% of your vet bill (less your annual deductible) depends on the plan and options that you choose, with no maximum limits on claim payouts.

In some cases, they can even pay the veterinary clinic directly on your behalf. The policy includes coverage for emergencies, most hereditary, congenital or chronic conditions, as well as cancer, and reimbursement is based on your actual vet bill, not what some companies might think it should cost.

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HealthyPaws Reviews

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HealthyPaws Pet Insurance Reviews


Dolly Babcock

October 22, 2018
I adore Healthy Paws! I have a clumsy cat that gets in all types of trouble, meaning I always need some expensive treatment for her. Healthy Paws helped me all the way, and saved me a lot of financial trouble! It is quite simple to submit a request; the information provided by the company is transparent and the reimbursement process doesn’t take ages to complete! No problems with them up until today! This is the best choice I ever made, and all thanks to my cat’s vet.
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Vanessa Baldwin

October 4, 2018
My cat died recently because of a car accident. So, naturally, I asked Healthy Paws to void my policy. No one ever contacted me to confirm the cancellation process was complete. I even got billed for three extra months of coverage. And as I couldn’t find any means to an end, I temporarily disabled my credit card. They called to check what was wrong with my account and stressed how important I was to them as a customer. Moving on, I still tried to reach customer service numerous times, but I can’t seem to get a clear answer. This insurance company increased my pain by constantly stating reasons why I should continue to use their services. And what is even more awful is that they refused to refund me for the moths I was forced to pay when my pet was actually dead.
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August 22, 2018
Utterly and irremediably unprofessional company!! I added a simple claim via their online service. And I had to spend numerous hours trying to reach customer service to confirm they received the application. Moreover, after almost a month, the claim is still on hold. I contacted them today, and they plainly said there is a need for an additional two weeks to review it. How is that even possible? Let me sum up what I went through: 1. I submitted a reimbursement request and an invoice with the aid of their mobile app. 2. No answer was redirected towards me in regards to my claim. So, I reached customer service, where I struggled to communicate with the representative on the other end of the phone. Anyway, one hour later, I discovered that my claim was on hold because it wasn’t readable! Why didn’t anyone just tell me all I had to do is resend my request in a clearer manner?! It is like, if I didn’t reach them, no one would’ve told me and the application would be eventually lost in their system. 3. The representative tried to offer me some explanations and excuses, and he even admitted that there was a software bug due to a recent update. He said he would contact my vet’s office personally to get another copy of the records. 4. After more than 14 days, I got a notice that Healthy Paws got records for my pet, but they didn’t know why that happened. They nicely suggested I should submit a claim if I have a problem. Wait for what? How is that possible when I was already struggling with my request for more than a month??? 5. Several phone calls later, they said everything was ok, and I should expect the reimbursement to get approved. 6. After that, I got another notice from them saying that it was quite possible it would take another two weeks to get my claim approved. They just needed extra time to verify if my pet had a pre-existing condition before signing him up for insurance (as a side note, my pet was having some troubles with his stomach and consistently vomited and had diarrhea). So, where is the logic here??? 7. In the end, they informed me my request would be covered only partially. This is unprofessional! And no one should be handled like this! Avoid this insurance company! There are better options!
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Marsha Thomas

July 15, 2018
Well, I didn’t experience all the positive things people are talking about here. My cat tore one of her ligaments, and my vet stressed the need for surgery, post-op care and rehabilitation (as he estimated she would have trouble walking after the procedure). And, as you may have guessed, Healthy Paws made me submit a claim. They rejected it based on the fact that it was a pre-existing condition. My vet re-stated and underlined his professional opinion that this was not a pre-existing health issue. Yet Healthy Paws didn’t bother to accept my reimbursement request.
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June 19, 2018
I most certainly don’t advise you to use this company! They simply take your money without asking and deny any involvement. I just added my new cat, a pure breed Russian Blue, to my insurance plan. And they, by MISTAKE, labelled it as a mixed breed. And as a consequence, I have to pay an extra $10 than what I supposed to be charged for my insurance plan. I reached customer service, and they redirected me to a representative. He was utterly unimpressed by my distress and simply said that if I somehow managed to underpay their company, they wouldn’t reimburse the difference. This is false, as for sure, they would stalk me to death if I made a late payment. But, yeah, this is to their advantage, like it is my fault my poor cat got labelled as a mixed breed. It is outrageous! How could I possibly categorize my cat as a mixed breed when she is undeniably a pure Russian Blue??? $10 certainly makes a difference in my daily budget, so I definitely don’t care about their allegations! This is fraud! Just take a moment and picture how much extra money this company makes from such “MISTAKES.”
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Jekson Chandter

June 14, 2018
This is the most terrible experience I have ever had with customer service up until today!! I was redirected to more than five people, and no one was able to identify the issues with my subscription. I got lots of reassurance they would call me back as soon as the problem was identified, but that never happened. Maybe this is how they teach them to respond to inquiries! I don’t know! I even requested to speak with a manager, and they reassured me someone would call me back in no more than 24 hours. Guess what? No one called! I reached customer service again, and they explained that a manager could take longer to respond, so I’ll have to wait at least 48 hours. No concern, care or interest in my problems! I am canceling this insurance as soon as possible, and I will definitely submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! Totally unacceptable!
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Gabriella Harrington

April 1, 2018
The most extraordinary thing I ever did for my British Shorthair cat was signing up for one of the plans offered by Healthy Paws. I looked and looked for a while before deciding, and I can say for sure I am quite pleased with my choice. Of course, I read several reviews to make sure this was best for my cat. Even though there were a few negative testimonials, I was convinced Healthy Paws was the best solution for us. And here we are today, after four years, completely covered and satisfied with the professional services offered by this insurance company. Excellent customer service, promptitude and a lot of attention to detail! This is what you sign up for with Healthy Paws!
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Kate Martinez

March 30, 2018
Comparing the services I received today from Healthy Paws to those I had initially, I would say they are the most unskilled, unprofessional and uncaring service on the market. Requests take a long time to be analyzed and processed, and the vast time you spend on hold is concerning, while their response is 99% inexistent. I was forced to offer my dog for adoption due to personal reasons. So, of course, I followed the instructions provided by Healthy Paws for such situations. After I completed all the steps, I received a notice from them (after more than seven days!) that I needed to attempt again to complete these forms. I talked with several representatives, and all gave me contradictory information. Each one of them said he would do a follow-up call with me, which never happened. When I reached them again to ask what happened with my follow up, I stumbled upon an unprofessional representative who was bothered by my attempts to settle the issue. He plainly said it takes at least 45 days to deal with such a change. I got an email stating this, along with the fact that there was currently new info about my situation, but they couldn’t disclose it to me. I asked what happened, and the representative shut me off again. I underlined that it had been a while since I submitted my claim and that the pet wasn’t with me anymore. But still I was charged my monthly fee. Shortly after, someone reached me via email and said I couldn’t transfer my pet to anyone else. And a refund wasn’t on the table. Afterwards, I got a call and was told everything would be dealt with soon enough. So, here I am today, still waiting for my refund. I am sad because I used to recommend their services to my friends and family. And they became so unprofessional that I am ashamed that I made such recommendations! They shouldn’t have stated on their website that it was easy to transfer ownership of a pet, especially if they don’t allow it! I am sorry, but this is not what I expected from Healthy Paws!
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Judy Jud

March 20, 2018
So, I pondered whether or not to leave this here, but I think Healthy Paws deserves an honest review. I got a new Chihuahua a year ago, and she was just about seven weeks old. No health problems or anything. I always thought that there wasn’t anything that could happen to make me need coverage for her health bills. Still, I read a lot of customer testimonials, and I chose Healthy Paws to take care of my baby’s needs. After a year with them, I never requested any kind of significant reimbursement, just some small treatment I had to give her for her digestive tract. To make a side note, I assist a vet during the checkout process, as I am a trained vet nurse. Therefore, I have quite a lot of knowledge about pet problems, insurance companies and how everything works. Shortly after my dog reached her first anniversary, she fell ill. I rushed her to my workplace, and after several scans, echography, IV’s, hospitalization and many more, everything ended up with an emergency surgery of no less than 5 hours. My dog managed to develop a rectal abscess that was interfering with her wellbeing. This is a thorough procedure that is usually followed by several months of post-op care. Besides, during post-op care, my dog developed an allergy, which needed another set of tests and consultations with some specialists. Even though I work in a vet’s office, the cost for these procedures led to a rather expensive bill. The doctor that operated on my dog struggled to find the most affordable solution, but my dog needed costly medication. Without hesitation, I said my dog needs the best, and I would figure out later how to manage this financial crisis. Healthy Paws was there for me and analyzed my claim with professionalism. This resulted in a reimbursement that lessened my financial trouble significantly. Healthy Paws was more than correct with all my requests. I got a representative that continually contacted me to see how everything was going with the recovery process. So, if you need the best pet insurance plan, go for Healthy Paws. No matter if your pet is healthy, or prone to illness, you need to be covered by this professional team! Healthy Paws saved my dog’s life, and we are now able to continue our journey through life!
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March 18, 2018
Healthy Paws is a fraud!! I have had an insurance plan with them for ages, and all they did for me was raise my bills for reasons that are a bit shady and never shared with me in advance of the increased rates. Everything seems like a campaign to fool their customers. They focus on finding ways to convince you about how affordable their services are, just so they have a way to boost your costs, up until you find yourself unable to pay and care for your pet. My costs doubled since I initially purchased this plan. I inquired additional information via their customer service, and they weren’t able to offer at least one decent answer. The representative I spoke to told me that’s the situation, and I have to learn to accept it. And he even suggested that, of course, I can opt for a cheaper plan, with fewer benefits for my pet! Incredible!! As a consequence, I no longer believe the scam this company plays, so I am looking for someone else to protect my pet. To anyone reading this: just find another reliable company, this is a fraud! Ah, almost forget! They messaged me that the rates were going up, as the vet’s office increased the costs of their services. But the truth is my invoices have the same price and never increased in value. And how is it possible to sell that reason to your loyal customers?!
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February 2, 2018
I am satisfied with their mobile service. All I had to do was take some photographs of the invoice and medical records and add those to my request. Everything was analyzed in less than ten days, while the money was redirected to me quite fast. I requested payment with a check, and they’ve sent it quickly. I have never had problems with their services.
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Adderiy J

January 26, 2018
I have no words to express how professional this insurer is. Your request can be sent with the help of the mobile app, where you can attach anything you might need to support your claim. From that point on, you get reimbursed in a couple of days.
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Gareth Francis

December 18, 2017
I chose a plan from Healthy Paws that covered up to 80% of my dog’s care or potential problems. I believe the price is reasonable overall because it features almost anything you might think of, besides any previous condition. I was pleased to find out they will reimburse for all my dog’s care recently. She needed extensive surgery on her leg, along with a lot of recovery treatments and post-op therapy. To sum up, the invoice reached an astonishing price of $10,000. I wasn’t sure if they would reimburse this, but I went for it and had surgery for my dog. And Healthy Paws did, as promised in their ad. They accepted my request, approved it and reimbursed in less than 14 days. So, it is safe to assume it was worth signing up for this insurance plan! I am not fond of insurance companies, as I truly believe they fool us, but Healthy Paws seems to be reliable! I will keep paying this coverage, as I am confident it is worth it! I am convinced of that when I see my dog wandering around the house happily! So, if you have a pet, give Healthy Paws a try!! It is nice to have some help when those expensive vet receipts come in! They are the best!
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November 28, 2017
Having insurance with Healthy Paws was a great idea. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and my expenses usually go over the roof. Yet if it wasn’t for Healthy Paws, I wouldn’t have had the means to offer the best care for my pets. My oldest cat has some weight problems and walking difficulties. And if it weren’t for this policy, I don’t know what I would’ve done. They accepted my claim and offered reimbursement quite fast. I didn’t experience any difficulties with submitting or processing my request. I just used the online service, and I received a note on the app I’ve installed on my phone. I have used other companies to ensure my pets, but none of them met my expectations as much as Healthy Paws. So, I highly recommend using their services!!
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Stacy C.Carter

November 2, 2017
I was unsure whether or not to consider Healthy Paws as my insurance company, but a dear friend of mine made them an impressive recommendation. I have been with them for several years now, and everything has been ok. I selected the 80% coverage package, with an annual deductible of $250. It was simple to choose a plan, as they don’t chaotically display their packages, as is the case with other providers. My dog had an accident while on a hike. I was pleased to find that Healthy Paws keeps its part of the agreement, and they reimbursed 80% of the costs. The process was sleek and straightforward, and I submitted the request with the aid of the online form. The reimbursement was done fast, straight to my bank account. They are reliable and fulfill their part of the deal! I never experienced a problem with Healthy Paws, so I am satisfied with the plan for which I pay. I receive exactly what I pay for, and I encourage everyone to opt for one of their packages!
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Godwin Powers

November 2, 2017
I’m taking a moment to add a positive review for Healthy Paws, as they really deserve it instead of all those negative vibes most of you offer. This insurance company helped me a lot, and I don’t know what I would’ve done about my three pups if it weren’t for Healthy Paws. Some people around here offered only 1 star because of the said inexplicably increase in costs over only 12 months. Well, people, I, too, got the same increase, but it was after three years of insurance plans with them. I’ve been with this business for seven years now, and I am happy I keep using their services.
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August 11, 2017
This company was there for me when I faced tremendous invoices upon my dog’s treatment. They covered almost 90% of the costs, as it was advertised in their insurance plan. I had a great experience with Healthy Paws, and their representatives are friendly and well-informed. Thank you so much for caring for my dog!
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May 14, 2017
I have never been a fan of health insurance plans, and I never had a policy with my late dog. But shortly after I adopted a new puppy, I thought it might be a great idea to get covered. And I can’t be more grateful for Healthy Paws! When my puppy had some problems, Healthy Paws answered all my queries, and the reimbursement was done faster than I expected. I used the mobile app, which is more than user-friendly! Healthy Paws offered peace of mind and great support when my puppy and I were in trouble!
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February 28, 2017
Healthy Paws offered me well-needed comfort. My dog had an abnormal growth in her belly, and my vet decided that after the surgery, chemo was the best solution. It was difficult for me to go through this, as my dog acts as emotional support due to my anxiety. So, Healthy Paws approved all my claims and eased the path towards the best treatment and care. My vet says my dog responded well to the treatment, and that many years of fun await us. Thank God I chose an insurance plan with these fantastic people!
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Frank Francis

February 26, 2017
As I see it happened with everyone here, I was quite fond of Healthy Paws until a couple of weeks ago. Don’t know what changed in their management, but the reality is that recently the quality of their services decreased drastically. I loved this company because their representatives were so friendly and reached out to you during the reimbursement process, and they even dedicated a lot of time to the follow-up process. Even by email, you were sent a personalized text, from an actual human being. It was a one of a kind experience. But nowadays, everything is different with Healthy Paws. I submitted a request for my dog, and they refused it. They sent me a canned message stating the reason was the fact that the medical records were incomplete. And it was a false statement! So, I reached customer service, and they smiled and said it was an error from their part and forgot to tailor my text to their needs. I don’t feel reassured by this statement. At all! When I first started using Healthy Paws, they had this thing called Referral Reward. The trick was that you would receive $25 for every person you recommended to Healthy Paws. I recommended a lot of friends, but mostly the coupons I received were invalid. Today, they advertise as donating those $25 to charity. I highly doubt it, considering their lack of professionalism. I believed this was the best insurance company for pets. Now, I don’t know how to cancel my plan faster, so that I can move on to another insurance company.
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