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Fun Facts About the German Shepherd

German Shepherds, as obvious from the name, originated in Germany and their origin dates back to 1899.

Max von Stephanitz is credited with the creation of the German Shepherd by crossbreeding various herding and farm dogs in search of the greatest working dog.

The first German Shepherd Dog in America was exhibited in 1907.

During the first World War, the American Kennel Club changed the name of the breed to the Shepherd Dog.

The name was changed in England to Alsation - a name that is still commonly used.

The German army made good use of this breed as a war dog, and tales from returning US soldiers brought a new appreciation for the breed.

The breed was highly sought after during World War II by all forces.

German Shepherds are bold, loyal and courageous. They will defend those who take care of them and will never back down.

They are very protective of their family and make great guard dogs.

The German Shepherd does not befriend strangers easily and is wary of new people being brought into their life. It takes a while for them to become familiar with somebody enough to trust them.

The dogs in this breed are intelligent and easy to train. They learn commands easily and are very obedient.

They are great with children when brought up with them and will make a great friend for your little one.

German Shepherds do not bark often, but will bark if they sense any danger, making them great watch dogs.

This breed is the number one choice for military and police dogs the world over due to its obedience, loyalty and the ease of training.

They are also used often in search-and-rescue missions.

German Shepherds shed a lot of hair, so you can expect to find hairs all over your home.

The breed has a short undercoat with hairs that do not shed and a medium length outer coat.

Common colors are black and tan, sable, bi-color and all-black.

German Shepherds are prone to arthritis in the hips as they get older.

Ear infections are another common health problem associated with German Shepherds due to their large ears.

Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cancer and heart disease are also notable health issues for German Shepherds.

The typical lifespan of one of these dogs is 7-10 years.

Not only do German Shepherds make great working dogs and family dogs, but they are popular show dogs, too.

These dogs are dominant dogs, and you must establish authority early in your relationship to let them know who's boss!

This breed is a highly energetic dog and will require a lot of attention and frequent walks.

They grow to be between 22 and 26 inches long and weigh anywhere between 49 and 88 pounds.

If left alone for too long, these dogs can become bored. Boredom can lead to them becoming destructive, so regular exercise is a must.

They are commonly known as "one man" dogs, as they tend to form a close bond with the family member they respect and trust the most.

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