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It's fortunate for cat owners that cats have fewer serious health problems and genetic diseases than dogs do, but many cat owners still get cat health insurance to pay for the large veterinary bills associated with operations and other major procedures.

Trupanion is veterinarian-approved pet insurance recommended by and offered through PETCO. A Trupanion cat health care policy can help you cover 90% of your vet bills.
Cat insurance

Petplan is the only pet insurance provider to offer a Covered for Life Guarantee™, which ensures the health care costs for any chronic illnesses or diseases a pet may experience in its lifetime will be covered into the future. This guarantee is offered on all plans, with no hike in premiums if you make a claim. All Petplan policies cover diagnostic testing and screening for illnesses and diseases.

24 Pet Watch Insurance
24 Pet Watch offers accident and illness coverage for your cat and financial protection for you. Your pet is a part of your family, so prepare for the unexpected. You can eliminate some of the financial stress associated with your cat's healthcare needs through a selection of affordable and easy to understand pet insurance programs.

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