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TOP 3 Pet Insurance Companies in AZ

Insurer Rate Price Direct Pay Vet Exam Fee Reimbursement Percentage Deductible Annual Policy Limits
4.1/5 80 reviews

from $17.68 per month

90% of vet bill $100 Unlimited Get Quotes HealthyPaws Reviews
4.1/5 80 reviews

from $16 per month

90% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes Pets Best Reviews
4.1/5 26 reviews

from $15 per month

80% of vet bill $250 Unlimited Get Quotes PetFirst Reviews

Сost of pet insurance in Arizona

How much you pay for canine insurance will be based on a number of factors tied to your specific dog. There will be a list offered:




Cost of veterinary
care where you live

The Grand Canyon is the top place for vacations and outdoor activities. During an active holiday with your pet, an accident can happen. If you don’t want your vacation ruined by unexpected vet bills, ensure your pet with a pet insurance program that fits you perfectly. We have created a list of insurers for you. Companies listed in the table offer customizable and affordable plans for you and your cat or dog. They have different insurance programs for all pet breeds of all ages. Each program has a wide range of services included (vaccinations, rabies shots, x-rays, different kinds of surgery, etc.). You can compare plans, their services, and their prices and choose the one you like the most.

Insurance plans cover traditional veterinary care and emergency treatment. You can be sure that in case your pet gets sick or injured, there is a vet clinic nearby that will help your pet. An insurance policy will cover all hospital costs. You will find a company that will help you and your pet be able to visit any licensed vet clinic in Arizona.

Veterinary fees have recently increased. Every single year pet owners spend, on average, $1,000 for their animals’ medical costs. If your pet needs surgery or long-term treatment and rehabilitation, the amount of the vet bill may increase to $5,000. As animals have become a significant part of our lives, pet owners expect high-quality veterinary care.

Сonsequently, protecting your pets and their health is more important now than ever. To minimize your costs on veterinary services, ensure your pet with any of the companies listed in the table. You will save up to 90% on vet bills, without any restriction on per-incident, annual, or lifetime benefits.

Sample Price. Dogs and Cats Insurance in Arizona


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $20
3-4 from $22
4-5 from $25
5-6 from $29
6-7 from $37
8-9 from $48
9-10 from $58
>10 from $109


Age (Years) Prices
0-3 from $14
3-4 from $16
4-5 from $18
5-6 from $21
6-7 from $27
8-9 from $30
9-10 from $38
>10 from $88

Where to buy pet insurance in AZ

We rate over 20 top pet insurance companies to find the policy that fits you best

PetInsuranceFinder Reviews

Maria from Tucson

I have mixed feelings about these guys. On the one hand, they showed me more compassion and empathy than other companies in Tucson. But on the other hand, I feel they did not go far enough in letting me choose the vet I wanted for my dog.
4 out of 5

Lyla from Tempe

My mom and her 4 cats have lived in Mesa, Arizona, all their lives, and rarely did they have any health issues. However, last spring, two of them got cancer. My mom was devastated, but thanks to Embrace pet insurance, which we took a few years ago (and came in as a savior), all the surgery costs and recovery treatments were covered and put both my mom and the cats at ease.
5 out of 5

Derek from Sedona

When I read online that these guys helped in insure more than half a million dogs and cats each year, I was eager to sign up. I did a lot of research about pet insurance in Sedona, and this one really made sense. It really proved to be the right decision because they backed up all of the promises they made over the phone. This builds trust and confidence from a consumer's point of view.
5 out of 5

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