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How much are you paying on your car insurance policies these days? It's so easy to check out a few auto insurance policy quotes and see how your current insurer stacks up against some other policy providers. You can browse through several quick car insurance quotes and get an idea if you're paying too much or not. It doesn't hurt to look.

So you've got a lot of personal debt? It happens to the best of us. If you have some big unsecured debts (like credit card balances) that you just can't seem to ever get paid down, you can use one of the better debt consolidation services to consolidate your unsecured debts into one more convenient loan. You will change multiple monthly payments into just one payment. Usually, the interest rate on the outstanding balance will be much lower than what you have been paying. Using a debt consolidation service is not recommended unless you really need it.

If your credit history is a bit shaky and you worry about going further into debt, a prepaid credit card might be the perfect solution for you. Prepaid credit cards work the same as a regular credit card with regards to how you use them in a store or online, but you can't run up large balances because you actually prepay or load the card account with your own funds before you actually spend them. Prepaid card owners are allowed the practicality of an unsecured card with the safety of knowing that they won't be going further into debt or building up balances that they won't be able to pay. Plus, pre-paid cards are safer and more secure than using your checking account debit card.

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